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What are you doing here?
We have a real site as of 3-3-2012!
Trust us, it looks and feels better there!
MCDen @ Mine-Craft-Den.com

Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Running 80%, Spout soon to come

Server seems to be running smoothly. I've been doing some tweaks here and there. One tweak I will have to do is a remake of the main part of the Green House at MCDen Town. With all the glass and vines, it seems to cause a fair bit of FPS Lag when you are close enough to load the chunks.

Spout in general is getting close, close enough to use on the server almost. We are not using SpoutPlugin nor suggesting SpoutCraft at this time. SpoutPlugin causes a bug (Assuming with Spigot) to cause a restart. SpoutCraft is useable, but the item UI is bugged. Seen below.

I will have to edit a fair number of config files (each spout item) for MoreMatierals as they have updated their plugin to the point that the old config style is non-readable for them. Items I know that is affected is the Letter, Numbers, and Symbols. I know there are others, but I can't recall off hand. As far as I know, all spout blocks and items work and load fine, just a small edit to the configs is all that is needed.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Updates and Improvements

After having the server migrate, and getting things straightened out with HGS, though delayed due to Thanksgiving (I don't blame them one bit and understand. I work at walmart...), everything looks to be up and running nicely. One of them joined the server to talk to me about what's been going on and they gave me an option some people may like.

We were given the choice of choosing any open port number we wanted, including the default ports that were not taken, which is 25565. This is great. If a player types in just the URL or IP to the server, it defaults to the default to port number.

I've agreed to this change and it will go in effect Monday night at midnight.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Server Up And Running

The server has been transferred and running smoothly. I have noticed that one, or a combination of plugins, is causing the chunk load bug. If we ran with limited plugins, chunks load nearly instantly, after adding all our plugins, chunks load a bit slow. Not NoLagg or our anti-xray.

Server is on a trial run and see what bugs up.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Server Migration

Server is being transferred to a new location, same host. I'm right now downloading all the data needed and going to upload it while I'm at work, as upload speeds are slower than download.
I'm downloading all the worlds that did not transfer over to the new host, which helps as only the Creative2 world did not get set for HGS's backup system. The next hurdle for downloading is plugins, as some makes backups, I'll have to filter what to download and what to skip.

As for a funny for today. When I selected the option to transfer the server to a new location, it moved only two folders, the backup and html folders. I almost had a heart attack. Thank god I can access the old server's ftp still.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SpoutCraft, DownTime, Updates

SpoutCraft has now been released with DEV builds of 1.4.5. They have stated some client features have been removed (diet) due to many bugs. As far as I know, these are spout only features, not MC. For those with SpoutCraft and know how to manage your client's options, you may test MC 1.4.5 for SpoutCraft. I will wait a few days before I attempt anything with SpoutPlugin. SpoutCraft Users can join with spoutcraft either way.

The server is down on our host's side. I have no control as of yet. I have gotten FTP access, so I'm going through and updating plugins and the CB file, hence how I found out about Spout today.
I am going to be busy until late-late tonight at work, as Black Friday is in a few hours. How the joys of being a Walmart Cashier... I will check on the server on my breaks and when I return home. During which time, I am hoping RIky_516 can check from time to time if the server's SSH is up to start the server.

I would also like to add that the OP system on the server is working nicely. I think we may start a small youtube series of the idiots asking for OP, as the situation yesterday was pure priceless. They were asking and having issues for a few hours straight.

ShopKeepers are now working, and they will only manage with Emeralds. How I'm going to manage the money system with emeralds is unknown so far. For now, you need Gold and Diamonds to buy Emeralds. Items to receive with the Emeralds is unknown and how many is unknown. I plan on doing something such as Full Stacks of this or that for an Emerald or two. Anyone who has donated can mine up Emeralds from OffWorld, so having Diamond and Gold is not necessary.

Lastly, as I have been trying to keep enforced, any and all players who we see mature and helpful to other players, they are asked and placed in the DenPatrol position to help maintain the server when higher up server players are not around. We have had one DenPatrol player on for about a month or so who has been very helpful and mature (and can keep jokes going on and on). KenosHybred has been promoted to Moderator. He has been able to keep an eye on the server during the time of day that Riky and I cannot (late at night or in class/work). He is very experienced in the common plugins we have and adapts to the way we have things set up, and laughs at what mistakes I have made while making the features as well. He will also be helping us choose future DenPatrol players to add to the staff.

Before anyone rants, what he did to get this far is quite opposite than what many other people do. He did NOT ask for staff, he has been active a couple or so weeks before being asked about Denpatrol, he has been helpful with new players and help stepping them through the Newly Joined status to the Full Member status many times. He has made suggestions to help improve the server. He has used all features he has had at hand to moderate the server and enforce rules as needed. If he was unsure, he would send me a message either ingame or by phone. Lastly, he is one of few known people that read the news on here to see what's going on. Hi Kenos!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Make sure you stock up on cooked chicken MCDen ASAP before the server signs are removed for another year!

Server Access Down

I am not sure about other players or staff, but I have absolutely no access to the server. I've sent a message to HGS about the issue and awaiting a response. I'm sorry guys, this is out of my hands.

Update 16:50pm CST
I've got access to the FTP and some through the webbrowser. Server is 100% down, no SSH access as of yet.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is coming around

As Thanksgiving is coming around, everyone is busy with this and that. Same as I and most of the other staff on the server. In an attempt to fix a lot of the command questions, I've been working on HAL's responses. They do not respond perfectly, but it gets the job done.

I've redone the Rules Finish room to automate the change from Testing group to Welcomed/Member, while giving the server wide response and giving items.

I've been tinkering with the server settings, the server should auto restart on freezes now. I'm not 100% certain of this for another few weeks.

Most of the bugs, such as Torches and weather effects, glitching along everyone's screens, this is due to MC itself. Nothing we can do about it.

Signs and such being blank when teleporting or having any chunks loading is a known issue. As far as I know, this is server related. Some data is not being sent to the client to state what is where for signs and item frames. When I can, I'll be updating the server to the next spigot version.

I have been trying to set up individual NPC Villager shops around town, most to all a fail. Many players, and I, cannot click them to even trade. Some villagers trading is a bit odd ball. I've added in ShopKeepers to maintain what villager sells what, but the clicking on a villager is still an issue so far.

I will be working on the plugins page, probably going to start from scratch, to update what plugins we are using with URL's to their pages for more details. I have been working on a tutorial area in the saucer for some of the commonly used plugins, but it's still in the works.

Lastly, I've paid for another month of advertising on mcservers.org. We do get a lot more people this way, but it's expensive. Last month it cost me $120, this month it was $140. I've checked other server listing sites, they do bidding and they range up to nearly $500 a month. I can't do that. I've got bills of my own along with paying to keep the server up when we don't get much in donations. We have gotten a fair bit of donations in the last six months, and I thank you all that have. Those who have donated $50 for tier 5 donation, there is a surprise coming up about the delayed addition.

If you want to help, but don't want to donate, may I suggest passing around the referrer link for our server and host. For every slot someone purchases and keeps for at least a week, we get $0.35 per slot. In the last 4-6 months, we gained about $79. www.hostedgameservers.com/?ref=ligerxt5

I do plan, when we can get spout working again, to have donation limited items. Such as 8 people paying $10 or $15 can get a weapon, Obsidian Sword, that has no durability and does a ton of damage. Though I'm still debating on what enchants it will have. If this is a success, I'll keep the idea going with other unique blocks, items, and weapons. Armor though, can't do much, unless you want to buy a chunk of diamond and enchant potions to make armor.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Server running at 80%

Other than the 20% of the server not functioning, I blame Spout for this, the server is now running smoothly.

All rtrigger macros are running as they should so far. Though I need to sit down and clean out and update a lot of info in the config.

Anti-Xray is now running, so watch out for fools gold.

Somehow Ships was not running, though it was installed. I have not tested it on a ship yet, but it's loading now.

Lastly, DiabloDrops are running now, as it should. For today only, I'm leaving it set to have a fair chance of monsters spawning with customized loot. Ex: I spawn and dropped 64 zombies. I had nothing in my inventory to start. Picked up all the loot and it nearly filled my inventory.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MC 1.4.4 Wednesday

MC 1.4.4 will be released tomorrow. When it does, we will have to wait on CB to update. This is the only thing we will be waiting on. Do not update your MC client until you have the error logging into the server about outdated client.

In other news, I will be working extra hours at work for a while to pay off my car sooner than the two year planned loan. I just want to get it out of the way. I want to thank the few of you that donated a few dollars towards helping me. Once Spout is updated to work with MC 1.4.4, I will hand out special spout weapons for those.

I have recently came along More Mobs plugin. Though petty, would be a nice touch for a week or so even plugin. Huge slimes? Giant Zombies? Randomized Mob Jockeys?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Changes in and out. Played Diablo?

So DFarm is a flop. Issues with doors and chests. Will look into it monday and wednesday as I have those days off from work.

Have you played, or seen, a game where killing or looting has a chance of finding a low, medium, or rare item with some having unique abilities? Well Diablo Drops, a plugin we're going to test next, has that. Some mobs drop rare loot and multiple enchants. I'll check the config and see about tweaking this and that. don't want everyone to have a good chance of getting rare loot.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fixes again, and additions

Had to remove comfort, completely. Even placing any stair caused people to fly.

I've added in Dfarm and CCLogger.
Dfarm is used to allow people to see the status of their farms and use certain items to fertilize their farms to a certain level (idea is one item increases one level while another increase it three, and so on). You can also use certain items to harvest and replant in one stroke, on each clicked block area. You can also cook raw meat above a lit fire. There is much more, listed in page linked above.

CCLogger is used, mostly by server staff for now, to track chat easier. The server log does record all chat and commands, but sometimes it's hard to read just the chat. Allowing us a quick look over for anyone causing drama or spamming the server.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dynmap and other minor news

Not a lot going on today. I haven't had a lot of time to work this morning and this evening is rather randomly full between classes and work.
I've updated dynmap for MC 1.4.2. I plan to do some over hauling on dynmap soon. So far, all tiles will be deleted and let them generate as players make changes and adventure. This will help new players seek out uncharted areas. I also plan on doing a second 3D view. Basically you see it in one direction, I plan to add the second view as if you were to rotate it 180 degrees. This should help view hidden stuff on mountains a bit easier.

There has been a bug with the Comfort plugin. I've sent a message about the problem to the author, but we may be out of luck, as there hasn't been activity for a while. I've removed all wooden stairs from being able to be used as seats to nullify the fly mode bug. So far, no one is complaining.

We have added Zain1000 to the roster for DenPatrol. He has been active and very helpful. In a few days, he should have the ropes of managing new players and enforcing the rules. We are still looking for someone to help monitor the server around 5-10am cst (-06:00 gmt) time.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone, we don't baby any player, even if they donated. If you have been inactive for over a month (/resident playername states last login), and your towny protection falls, your work is open to be raided and griefed, along with all protections allowed to be removed upon request. We recently had an argument from a player who has been busy with life, work, and classes. Logged in today and was upset because all his work was gone, then proceeded to say we were harassing him because his work has been destroyed twice since he first joined. He argued that he never got notice that towny taxes were re-enabled way back when. This is no excuse. Not only do we not spam people via email, we also stated this on here, on the facebook group, and ingame, giving everyone at least one week to prepare. RIky_516 was kind enough to help keep money in his town's bank for a while. What he could have done was log in once every so often (once per week) to keep his activity new. If by any off chance, he would have caught a player online and talked for a few minutes, and heard word about the taxes, but no guarantee, though he would probably noticed a decrease in his own town's bank.

In other news, I have picked out my new car a couple days ago and will be picking it up today. As long as nothing financially major comes around, I should have it paid off in two years, if not sooner.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ingame fixes to be done

With time I have, and thanks for those reminding me of this and that, I'm fixing bugs that I can. Just fixed the bug with no double chests upon death for tier 3 donators and up.

Bugs that need to be fixed:
  • Odd XP bug that gives extra XP upon death when recently used XP Bank.
  • No Stores for the following items (easy fix, takes a little time)
    • Colored Leather
      • Also need to move dyes and wool from General Store Second Floor to he clothier store.
    • Stores for trip wires.
    • I'm sure there are other items I need to set up store for. But I haven't had time to look. 
  • Annoying bug where newly joined players use /calladmin asking for petty stuff such as membership and why they can't do anything. May just disable calladmin until they pass the Rules Test. 
  • The timed tips, about 50% if not more are out of date and needs redoing. For now I'm disabling them. I plan to have less tips along with commands with the new tips for more details
    • Example: Tip 25 (random number): To have time sensitive glowstone, use the /gl features. More Details at /tip25.
    • Running /tip25 would result something like:
      • GlowStone Lanterns. How to: Use /gl to enable the feature. Any and all glowstone placed after /gl is enabled will be time sensitive. Use /gl again to disable and all future glowstone placements will be normal glowstone.
  • NoobResponse is acting a little weird. Ex: If someone says can I open, NoobResponse will respond as if someone asked Can I have OP.
I need to set up commands for what items are in what stores at mcden, along with coordinates of the store locations. Please, don't remind me that I need a better Help system. As plugins come and go, it's a pain to keep up. I would rather have players visit the plugins list on here and click the plugin's link to see it's page for details. It would be a lot easier for players to get all details that way. I will also be remaking the plugins page to state more details of each plugin depending on how their config files are set up.

I do apologize for the lack of fixes and activity on the server. As mentioned before, this is a hobby of mine, hence the reason I keep looking for loyal, mature, active players to add in as McDenPatrol. As everyone else, I too have a life. I just picked out my new car yesterday and will be finishing the paperwork later this week.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Will Update With/Without Spout.

Starting Today, Monday 11-5-2012, we will begin updating the server to MC 1.4.2. Rumors are, there is going to be an MC update for 1.4.3. We will update immediately when this comes out. I will begin updating as soon as I get out of my last class. I will make proper backups as needed in case something happens. OffWorld will be regenerated as well. Get your items out ASAP. If you logged out in OffWorld, you will respawn in MetaVerse with no inventory (normally).

Why are we updating before Spout? They are delayed due to CraftBukkit. No, not because there is no Recommended Build, but their Library File(s). I personally do not know enough details, but the delay in the Library File(s) is due to competition with Canary.
We are also updating because we have wasted two weeks of our 4 week sponsor subscription with mcservers.com. We have had a number of attempted logins from them, all not able to join the server. If we had at least $150 more in donations, I would not mind. We have had at least three more donations since I last did our financial. Thanks to you guys, we are down to around $140-150 to pay HGS for the year.

I would like to go another four weeks with mcserver.net, but this would cost us $120, if not more. They plan in increasing this as there is demand for sponsored slots.

As we are updating to MC 1.4.x without spout, a number of plugins will stop working and will be temporarily removed. Such plugins, off the top of my head, is SuperCapes, PlayerAccessories, InfoGuide, and all the custom items and blocks will look like Flint or normal blocks such as glass, stone, levers, etc.

Please Note: If you have any items that are spout items, then later looks like flint, don't stack them! If you stack a single flint with another flint of any kind, it will lose it's spout info. Hold the item and use /iteminfo, this will show you the item's details such as 123:99999. If there is a number after the ":", then it is a spout item.

After we update, anyone attempting to join with spoutcraft will receive an error upon logging into the server. "Outdated server" or something along of the lines.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Minor Updates before Big Updates

As we wait for Spout to update to MC 1.4.x, though may be delayed further with the next MC update for 1.4, I'm making neccessary updates to the server that I've been putting off.

I've been updating some back end stuff mostly today. Current changes so far are:
  • Added a message to /begin if use has not done Step 1 at end of Rules Test.
  • Moved permission Death Chest QuickLoot (right click chest regain items) from Tier2Donators to Members. 
    • Fixes bug where a player dies in a town they don't belong to, then unable to regain items.
  • Fixed bug where players attempting to use /give or /god was not sending out a global chat message.
On the todo list that I plan to do before or after work. This post will update as I make changes, so check back later.
  • Donators are unable to regain 100% XP when quicklooting death chests.
    • Temp work around: Deposit XP into XP Banks before going on long trips.

For those who have not noticed, I have added a new building. Moving all Colored Wool and Dyes to and new location for the anticipated Dyed Leather. Clothier Store is found next to bank.

Lastly, if we are unable to update due to spout by Monday, I will begin updating the server to MC 1.4. I suggest players put away all spout items (don't touch your blocks until we update spout). If you have a bunch of flint, don't stack it with what could have been your spout items. This is a known bug with MC in general: If a once-was spout item is now flint, it can be stacked with normal flint and lost, permanently.