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What are you doing here?
We have a real site as of 3-3-2012!
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MCDen @ Mine-Craft-Den.com

Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RAM Demands Server Over Haul!

Due to issues of server performance going done in the last MC/CB updates, we're doing an overhaul on the plugins. Many will be removed, replaced, tweaked, or possibly not even touched.

Many less used plugins will be removed. If only a user, or two, uses a plugin, like JSONAPI for their iPhone connection to the server, will be removed. Many plugins will be left to the server either for security or large importance or use. Such examples would be Spout/SpoutCraft and Dynmap.

A couple nights ago I have removed 15 plugins. A few of which I can either replace with others, or just not used by much.

We would upgrade to more memory or slots, but with the limitations of HGS for current upgrades, are not feasible with current donation and referral income. Please note we pay $2 per slot, and when paying for 6 months, we get a 10% discount. Not counting donations and referral, that's $108 or $18 a month.
We last payed for 3 months, in the end, only I had to pay $12, not bad. I'm not aiming for not paying for the server at all, but such would be quite helpful. Not every person donates every month, but I spend a lot of time to make sure the plugins and the server stays up and running at all times. I don't expect to get paid, but expect not to spend much out of my own pocket. I would like to aim for not paying for more than 1/4 (about $25) of the server for the 6 months. If we can do this, not only will it help keep the server up, if we are donated more, upgrades to the server will be possible and could happen. If anything, the extra would be carried over to the next bill payment.

I have been looking around at other hosts, a couple has caught my attention, but either their servers are full, or how they calculate stuff is a bit screwy. many base their calculations on either Slots or Ram, then jack up the price on other needless features. We don't use Vent on our server, but it's "free". I'm tempted of asking for a discount it's removal. Some hosts charge more for plugins, let alone if you use CB. I even saw a host that would limit the server to 100GB of data network use.

I like the whole backup every day, some server backup only once a week ( a lot can happen in just a day ). Some servers only allow one port, the MC port. No Dynmap, no plugins that allows seeing other details, like MilkAdmin or Chest Shop. Even some servers only limit you to harddrive space. This I can truely understand. Large worlds take up space. Our main world, Earth, I think is taking up 200MB, I think, I'd have to double check.

With all the interesting complications, I'd rather just host the server myself. But I live in the dorms where the internet fluctuates far too much, let alone we've had a few internet and power outages. Once I move out, I'm limited to where I live for internet. Cities sound great, taxes and rent not so much. Smaller towns are good enough for me, but internet is either expensive or not high priority to the ISP. Too much to gamble along for a decent yet reliable server.

After I post this, I will begin going through the plugins list, putting notes next to plugins either being removed, or kept for certain events. The point I'm looking at is no more than 50 plugins, top.
Server Hosts Suggestions Are Welcomed. Currently interested in Envious Host if we do move from HGS.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Updates as I can keep up and being creative in their use...

For the many changes as they come, this update has a couple additions to the server.
As you see in the picture, you can now place logs in different locations. That is related to the a spout plugin. Normal users (non-spoutcraft) will see stone. The direction of logs are like placing pistons. Picky as heck.

Second change is placment of "step" blocks. You can place one down, then one on top, now you can have one on top without the one on the bottom. Normal users will see glass. (Slight lighting issue currently.)

I'm still working on mixed slabs, but there seems to be a conflict with dynmap in that plugin.

Riky_516 and his antics. "Dance my puppets!" "I'm like the pied piper

Lastly, buying "animal" eggs can be found at spawn. No monsters. Squid, chicken, sheep, cow, pig, and wolves can be bought. Click the ground to spawn them. The eggs don't act like normal chicken eggs.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MC 1.1 CB RB

We are now using MC 1.1 and a dev build of Spout. It is suggested you use the SpoutCraft build 1081.

Please report any issues here or on the FB group. So far no known issues. I will wait a day or two before assuming everything is running cleanly.

Note: New SpoutCraft builds has new video settings, some are reset to default. Check Them BEFORE Complaining Of Lagg!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Expanding and Advancing

Though we're still on MC 1.0.1 and not the new MC 1.1, I've been working on updated, tweaking, and fine-tuning the security.

As mentioned before, SkyLands will be available on our server when we are able to update to MC 1.1 with Recommended builds of both CraftBukkit and Spout.

As another tease for the players that donate, expect something big on the 1 year anniversary of our server. Can you guess when that was and what's being added?

For Backup Use, We're Going To Start Using DropBox. Help Us Expand It's Space. Get it and have 2GB free Storage For Yourself! http://db.tt/lxC4K7F6

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sledge Hammer Anyone?

I've been getting a bit, upset, lack for a nicer term as such, at a few plugins not listening to permissions. First I had issues with TelePlusPlus not allowing people to TP to people of a higher rank, now XWarp is letting people exceed their max warp creation limit (known for a while) but now people can warp between worlds.

I figured I'd just put in a secondary permissions plugin. It seems a lot of permission plugins have been having issues and the authors of many have gone unheard. Even xwarp has been quiet.

For now, I'm letting the issues slide.

Votifier is up. What MC Server listings I can get it to work on works. If you vote for our server with your MC name exactly as it appears when you log into the MC client/site, you will get your reward.
If there is any other popular server listing I missed adding to the side bar to the right, let me know.

I would like to remind everyone that only donators can CREATE SPOUT ITEMS. This includes Chain for Chain-Mail armor and Stained Glass. Buying, selling, and trading of the items are allowed with no problems. This is in attempt to increase what little donations we get for the server. So far only the mods have helped donate, let alone I. If this does not increase donations, I will attempt one more idea. Then that's it. I will pay for what I can, then if the server goes down, then sorry. I'm a student in college. I'm trying to pay for what I need while trying to save up to move out of the dorms.

Lastly, and I swear I hear another person ask I'll kill them (in game), I can not host the server myself because of two reasons: I have only one good computer that I use a LOT. The internet where I am is known to randomly go slow and go out without notice. If I move out and get good internet service that is reliable during the first 6 months, then maybe.
But the only problem there is which am I saving money on? The $20 a month for the server, or the outrageous costs of having fast internet in the middle of no where in Oklahoma. Besides, I don't want to ruin someone's fun when I or my g/f are watching Netflix movies or downloading games off the internet. I play Xbox and have Steam as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thinking about enforcing a minimum age requirement...

So I just saw yet another random person join the server. I got on to say hi and answer any questions they may have. Oh, they did. All I can say is, kids can't read now a days...

11:32:26 shadowlasermon logged in
11:32:27 Successfully authenticated shadowlasermon's Spoutcraft client.
11:33:22 LigerXT5 logged in
11:33:24 Successfully authenticated LigerXT5's Spoutcraft client.
11:33:29 Admin LigerXT5: howdy
11:33:33 GUEST shadowlasermon: hi
11:33:43 GUEST shadowlasermon: can i be mod?
11:33:46 Admin LigerXT5: No
11:33:49 GUEST shadowlasermon: y not
11:34:00 Admin LigerXT5: First off, never met you before
11:34:07 GUEST shadowlasermon: hi i se u
11:34:11 Admin mLigerXT5: second, only my Real Life friends can be considered mods
11:34:17 GUEST shadowlasermon: wow
11:34:18 Connection reset
11:34:18 [WorldInventories] Player shadowlasermon quit from world: Earth
11:34:18 [WorldInventories] Saving inventory of shadowlasermon

Monday, January 16, 2012

Many ODD bugs since world revertion. All found has been fixed

So far a small list of odd bugs have come along since I reverted the worlds to a backup.
 - Every login took you back to spawn. - Fixed. Any people logging in since before the revertion will appear there once more still.
 - World Portals, exception of nether portals, were disabled. - Fixed
 - Teleporting from one world to another without a portal. - Partly Fixed. /home and /tp fixed, /warp not yet. I've checked permissions and settings. Nothing is out of place. Asked for help from author and other players. No answers. Looking for alternative Warp plugins.

We now have '/pvp toggle' again. If you don't want to receive or send pvp damage, just enable/disable it via /pvp toggle.
If you want to dual, just enable it. Warning: There is cooldowns and warmups.

Added Votifier. Currently setting it up for users that vote for the server receive items in game.

Chainmail plugin is working. Waiting for an update to Spout-materials to allow recipes of spout items into vanilla items. Once done, we will remove chainmail plugin and have the feature go through Spout-materials.

Fixed textures for items and blocks. You burgers will now look like burgers, not flint anymore.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Toast; Thank God for Backups.

So we had a chunk issue recently. I'll make a better post. But for now, the humorous chat log:

20:51:52 zeroatomve: o_o wow
20:51:58 SMod JollyGG: yeah..
20:52:25 SMod JollyGG: I warped to my subway station here and noticed the tower was gone..
20:52:49 zeroatomve: i see o_o
20:53:00 zeroatomve: why isn't the water falling?
20:53:05 SMod JollyGG: not sure
20:53:08 Player JollyGG moved from world Earth to Creative
20:53:15 zeroatomve: could it just be bugged?
20:53:43 zeroatomve: it looks almost as if it was just sliced
20:53:50 SMod JollyGG: I'm thinking World Edit..
20:53:53 Player JollyGG moved from world Creative to Earth
20:54:03 zeroatomve: yeah.
20:54:09 JollyGG tried to use command /dynmap render
20:54:22 JollyGG tried to use command /dynmap render
20:54:48 zeroatomve: wait, didn't james do something with block textures?
20:55:06 SMod JollyGG: not sure...but I don't it'd do this..
20:55:29 zeroatomve: well, the lampstone in that one tower is still there
20:55:43 zeroatomve: kind of looks like just the one type of block was removed
20:55:49 SMod JollyGG: indeed, and there are two copies of that lampstone tower as well
20:55:57 JollyGG tried to use command /compass
20:56:07 SMod JollyGG: to the orth of spawn (west on dynmap)
20:56:12 SMod JollyGG: *notrth
20:56:16 SMod JollyGG: fail
20:56:21 zeroatomve: weird
20:56:54 zeroatomve: this is so strange xD
20:56:59 JollyGG tried to use command /tphere Zero
20:57:03 SMod JollyGG: look
20:57:10 SMod JollyGG: one full tower, and parts of another
20:57:27 zeroatomve: wow
20:59:23 Player  zeroatomve died in world Earth, emptying inventory for group: worldone
20:59:25 SMod JollyGG: you can tell it's copied, the lamps don't work anymore
20:59:31 JollyGG tried to use command /tphere zero
20:59:36 zeroatomve: yeah
20:59:50 zeroatomve: i really need a sword xD
21:00:02 JollyGG tried to use command /home
21:00:18 JollyGG tried to use command /tp zero
21:00:31 JollyGG tried to use command /home
21:00:31 zeroatomve: it looks cool at least lol
21:00:41 JollyGG tried to use command /t zero
21:00:44 JollyGG tried to use command /tp zero
21:01:26 zeroatomve: enders freak me out
21:01:47 zeroatomve: thanks
21:02:12 SMod JollyGG: i love enders, lol
21:02:35 zeroatomve: xD they're so creepy though
21:02:40 SMod JollyGG: aye, lol
21:02:51 MosDes logged in with entity id 802998 at ([Earth] 1280.71875, 62.0, -1330.84375)
21:02:56 SMod JollyGG: well, this will all make Liger verrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy..
21:02:58 zeroatomve: i once dug myself a hole and peeked out only to have an ender fall on me
21:03:06 SMod JollyGG: xD
21:03:08 zeroatomve: i'm sure lol
21:03:23 MosDes tried to use command /warp spawn
21:03:28 SMod JollyGG: Hello Mos
21:04:00 MosDes tried to use command /vanish
21:04:00 [VANISH] MosDes disappeared.
21:04:08 MosDes tried to use command /hawkeye tool
21:04:49 JollyGG tried to use command /tell Mos You seen the spawn yet?
21:04:49 (PM) JollyGG -> MosDes: You seen the spawn yet?
21:05:00 zeroatomve: it feels like someone just shot off a bunch of tnt
21:05:04 MosDes tried to use command /tell jol performing hawkeye
21:05:04 (PM) MosDes -> JollyGG: performing hawkeye
21:05:12 JollyGG tried to use command /reply ok
21:05:12 (PM) JollyGG -> MosDes: ok
21:05:14 SMod JollyGG: hmm
21:05:30 JollyGG tried to use command /tp zero
21:05:32 MosDes tried to use command /tp jol
21:05:47 zeroatomve: this terrain looks a lot different than it did last time i was in this area
21:05:48 JollyGG tried to use command /warp spawn
21:06:43 BanHammer MosDes: wait
21:06:46 zeroatomve: o.O this village got wrecked
21:07:04 SMod JollyGG: hmm Mos?
21:07:09 BanHammer MosDes: if it was griefed, it was done with chunk replacement tools
21:07:22 BanHammer MosDes: tp to me to see why
21:07:26 zeroatomve: yeah, we were just talking about that
21:07:26 JollyGG tried to use command /tp mos
21:07:32 SMod JollyGG: Yea, I've seen that
21:07:34 zeroatomve tried to use command /tp MosDes
21:07:41 SMod JollyGG: and half a tree gone
21:07:47 SMod JollyGG: half the fountain
21:07:57 SMod JollyGG: signs hanging on air
21:08:00 BanHammer MosDes: these chunks look like they were randomly reloaded
21:08:07 zeroatomve: yup
21:08:30 BanHammer MosDes: James has like 3 days of backup though
21:08:30 zeroatomve: i want to say it might be a bug in the thing james did with dynmap
21:08:56 BanHammer MosDes: but then why are there torches?
21:09:04 SMod JollyGG: I didn't place them.
21:09:10 SMod JollyGG: and have you seen the tower copies?
21:09:18 BanHammer MosDes: where at?
21:09:25 SMod JollyGG: I"ll tp you
21:09:46 zeroatomve: it feels like someone but spawn in a blender
21:09:46 JollyGG tried to use command /tphere mos
21:10:12 zeroatomve: i'mma see how far out the messed up chunks go
21:10:13 SMod JollyGG: see that's a copy of the lampstone, but it doesn't work, it's always glass
21:10:29 BanHammer MosDes: oh wowzers
21:10:30 BanHammer MosDes: uh
21:10:31 SMod JollyGG: ad a portion over here
21:10:34 SMod JollyGG: *there
21:11:49 BanHammer MosDes: any idea how long ago this happened?
21:11:50 SMod JollyGG: i think this is from the skylands tower.
21:12:00 SMod JollyGG: not sure, I haven't been to spawn since yesterday
21:12:57  zeroatomve tried to use command /home
21:13:17 BanHammer MosDes: one moment
21:14:12 BanHammer MosDes: may I have some food?
21:14:18 SMod JollyGG: sure
21:14:19 BanHammer MosDes: only one
21:14:24 SMod JollyGG: lol
21:14:27 MosDes tried to use command /vanish
21:14:27 [VANISH] MosDes reappeared.
21:14:37 BanHammer MosDes: thanks
21:14:38 SMod JollyGG: I ahve plenty on me
21:14:40 MosDes tried to use command /vanish
21:14:40 [VANISH] MosDes disappeared.
21:14:48 JollyGG tried to use command /vanish
21:14:48 [VANISH] JollyGG disappeared.
21:15:02 BanHammer MosDes: Who is nuka?
21:15:05 SMod JollyGG: Nuka, lol
21:15:11 SMod JollyGG: not sure
21:16:02 SMod JollyGG: herobrine, lol
21:16:54 JollyGG tried to use command /reply I take it the log is a tool? lol
21:16:54 (PM) JollyGG -> MosDes: I take it the log is a tool? lol
21:16:54 BanHammer MosDes: hm...
21:17:03 BanHammer MosDes: yes it is
21:17:15 MosDes tried to use command /warp spawn
21:17:17 Player zeroatomve died in world Earth, emptying inventory for group: worldone
21:17:17 SMod JollyGG: I ahven't played with that plugin much, lol
21:17:28 zeroatomve tried to use command /home
21:17:33 BanHammer MosDes: do we use big brother?
21:17:40 SMod JollyGG: used to, I don't think so
21:17:43 JollyGG tried to use command /plugins
21:17:48 SMod JollyGG: not in plugins
21:17:55 JollyGG tried to use command /warp spawn
21:18:07 JollyGG tried to use command /home
21:18:11 SMod JollyGG: OMG
21:18:20 MosDes tried to use command /tp jol
21:18:23 SMod JollyGG: my home just suddenly got chunk fucked up
21:18:34 SMod JollyGG: sorry for languange...but jask;b ;askejfn
21:18:43 BanHammer MosDes: Whoa, wait a sec
21:18:57 SMod JollyGG: this was here not 10 mins ago..
21:18:58 BanHammer MosDes: The seed is different
21:19:03 SMod JollyGG: My home was rather
21:19:15 BanHammer MosDes: I think it is regenerating chunks
21:19:33 BanHammer MosDes: cause the seed looks different than before
21:19:36 SMod JollyGG: awesome...
21:19:49 SMod JollyGG: yes it does, this was snow...not sand
21:20:23 MosDes tried to use command /mdhome
21:20:23 SMod JollyGG: seein my main chests poof is making me pusgk;asbfkiasdf;kasdjbf;askj
21:20:28 MosDes tried to use command /warp mdhome
21:20:33 BanHammer MosDes: one sec
21:20:56 JollyGG tried to use command /home
21:21:55 JollyGG tried to use command /warp MDHome
21:22:15 JollyGG tried to use command /home
21:22:22 MosDes tried to use command /warp midway
21:22:50 SMod JollyGG: eh...I'm just gonna log...
21:22:58 BanHammer MosDes: ?
21:23:02 MosDes tried to use command /warp mdtemp3
21:23:03 SMod JollyGG: logout
21:23:16 BanHammer MosDes: mkays, I'll look into this issue with james
21:23:22 SMod JollyGG: alrighty...
21:23:27 MosDes tried to use command /warp spawn
21:23:35 SMod JollyGG: have fun >.<
21:23:37 Connection reset
21:23:37 Player JollyGG quit from world: Earth
21:23:37 Saving inventory of JollyGG
21:25:20 BanHammer MosDes: I'm going to see if we have a backup
21:25:23 BanHammer MosDes: brb
21:25:33 BanHammer MosDes: If I have to restart the server, I'll let you know [0m

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New MineCraft Update, DON'T UPDATE CLIENT!

As I stated in the the MCDen Twitter, there is an MC update. DO NOT UPDATE your client until the server can update. The delay for us is due to CraftBukkit and Spout/SpoutCraft.

I will update this post as soon as the server is updated.
I'm keeping an eye on CraftBukkit via their twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/CraftBukkit
Once Craftbukkit is updated to a recommended build, Spout will follow suit shortly after.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Scam e-mail joke anyone?

MCBans has been having some issues, but after this e-mail, I laughed, not at MCBans, but to the e-mail's sender.
Quote: Note: Do not follow any of the links here. Visit mcbans.com for all TRUE information needed.


Just got this in my email.

Dear user who's information was definitely NOT compromised.,

We are writing to inform you that there was absolutely NO breach in our "extensive" security measures that could allow your personal information and all the API keys to be leaked, because of this we DO NOT suggest you change yourmcbans.com password. This breach DID NOT affect anyone. If your Minecraft password is the same as any password you use for MCBans you should not give a fuck. Our server is protected by an expired version of Norton Antivirus from 2007 and thus is absolutely hacker-proof.

For further support go to support.mcbans.com and open a ticket or contact us on IRC at irc://irc.esper.net:55s5 on #mcbans or #yesyourinformationwascompromised. You may verify that your information WAS NOT COMPROMISED by searching for it in our uncompromised database which we have temporarily mirrored publicly for verification purposes:


As you should see, your information is still in our uncompromised database and thus has not been stolen.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and use of mcbans.com

and we apologize for any inconvenience this has not caused. Rest assured that if there ever were a breach of our systems, the kind Nigerian prince who funds our operation would be more than willing to offer you 7 figure restitution if you can just help him out a bit. Hell, he's probably about to make you this offer just because he loves you.

I hope you all want Viagra because our associates have plenty to sell.

Kind Regards,

The MCBans Badministration Totalitarian Regime and F├╝hrer Firestar

- Firestar likes cocks.
- Denial is the best security measure ever and lying through your teeth is the truest display of integrity.
- Also, we have never ever been hacked, if someone claims otherwise they are bullshitting you.
- And to re-iterate once more, Firestar likes cocks.

IRC logs extracted from a server that was NOT hacked:
03:56 <REDACTED> So when are you gonna send the maillist?
03:56 <REDACTED> I need it right now
03:56 <Firestarthe> Wait a sec
03:57 <REDACTED> Okay
03:58 <Firestarthe> Here you go, LINK REDACTED
03:58 <REDACTED> Thanks
03:59 <REDACTED> Enjoy the bitcoins

End Quote

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why Use Spout for Security?

I'll get the whole chat log (minus the other server log details) later. But a quick screenshot of a recent issue.

He followed the procedure to join and have membership by agreeing to the rules and getting spout.
Then he kept getting disconnected with SpoutCraft. He'd get on his Vanilla MC then have issues getting Membership again. We kept telling him he has to use SpoutCraft. After about 30-45 mins, the chat in the image happened. He is now banned and reported to MCBans.

His X-Ray mod or such was causing connection issues with Spout.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creation of NON-Vanilla Minecraft Items, Blocks, Tools, Weapons, Etc.

With the use of Spout, new items can be made on the workbench and furnace. The following, except the template examples, can be made ingame.
Updated: Jan 7, 2012

Template Code for items in SpoutMats:
Note: Not craftable on MCDen - Can be spawned in Creative.

flashwand: # item name (used when obtaining item via command)
  Type: Item
  Title: Lightning Wand
                   # title shown when cursor moved on item in inventory
  URL: http://hgs883.hostedd.com/textures/items/flash.png
                   # url of image to show from inventory/hand
  lclick: # left click section
    action: /zap
                   # command sent when left clicking with item in-hand
                   # temporarily adds specified permission (removed after performance of action),
                       not recommended to use (if you leave item in chest everybody can use it).
  rclick:        # right click section
    action: /zap multi
                   # command sent when right clicking with item in-hand
  Type: Item
  Title: Notch crackers
  URL: http://ogion.cz/files/items/notch.png
    health: 20           # 2 = 1 hearth, you can use negative values too
    hunger: 20          # 2 = 1 hunger unit (chicken leg), you can use negative values too
    consume: true    # whether or not is item consumed after clicking
    sound: http://ogion.cz/files/items/crunch.ogg
  maxstacksize: 6    # maximal size of stack
    - type: shaped
      amount: 2         # amount of items gained by crafting
      ingredients: |
          0 266
          266 357 266
          0 266

Currently Craft-able Items:


LavaStone: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 0, Light Level 13, Friction 1
Blank    +    Cobble     +   Blank
Cobble + Lava_Bucket + Cobble
Blank    +    Cobble     +   Blank

Ice Block: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 0, Light Level 0, Friction (Unknown, normal ice friction).
Snow Ball + Snow Ball + Snow Ball
Snow Ball + Water Bucket + Snow Ball
Snow Ball + Snow Ball + Snow Ball

Sand from SandStone Crafts 4

Saddle: Crafts 1
leather + leather + leather
string + Blank + string
stick + Blank + stick

Grass Block: Crafts 1, Destroy Yields 1 Dirt
Wheat Seeds

Tall Grass: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields Possible 1-2 Seeds

Iron Ore: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 1.
stone + stone + stone
stone + iron_ingot + stone
stone + stone + stone

Gold Ore: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 1.
stone + stone + stone
stone + gold_ingot + stone
stone + stone + stone

Diamond Ore: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 1 Diamond.
stone + stone + stone
stone + diamond + stone
stone + stone + stone

Lapis Lazuli Ore: Crafts 3, Destroyed Yields 1-3 Lapis Lazuli Dye Each.
stone + stone + stone
stone + Lapis Lazuli Block+ stone
stone + stone + stone

Coal Ore: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 1 Coal
stone + stone + stone
stone + coal + stone
stone + stone + stone

HayBlock: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 9 Wheat
Wheat + Wheat + Wheat
Wheat + Wheat + Wheat
Wheat + Wheat + Wheat

RedstoneBlock: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 9 Redstone, Light Level 10 - Does Not Transmit Power
Redstone + Redstone + Redstone
Redstone + Redstone + Redstone
Redstone + Redstone + Redstone

CoalBlock: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 9 Coal - Not Burnable Yet - Plans for creation of Diamonds
Coal + Coal + Coal
Coal + Coal + Coal
Coal + Coal + Coal

NetherBrick: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 1
Netherrack + Netherrack
Netherrack + Netherrack


Signs: Crafts 1, Destroyed Yields 1, Light Level 0




Burger: Crafts 3, Hunger 15, Max Stack 6 
Cooked Beef

Cereal: Crafts 1, Hunger 10, Max Stack 1
Note: Consuming will not retain bowl.

Omelets: Crafts 1, Hunger 5, Max Stack 16
Milk Bucket
Note: Creation of Omelets will cause loss of buckets.

Oats: Crafts 3, Hunger 1, Max Stack 64
Wheat + Wheat

Sushi: Crafts 4, Hunger 6, Max Stack 8
Blank + Paper + Blank
Paper + Raw Fish + Paper
Blank + Paper + Blank

Monday, January 2, 2012

Alot of changes in the last few days

Many changes has come along in the last few days after our spike in new people joining the server. Some staying, some unsure, others banned for disobeying rules.

Rules has been updated to help with either better understanding or fixing exploits. Anti-cheat and detections have been added. Death Chests updated as well.

We are now enforcing the use of SpoutCraft for security reasons.
If you were once a Member or higher on the server, and you log in without SpoutCraft, you will have guest permissions on the spot. You will regain your previous status by logging in with SpoutCraft.

There is NO exceptions, No excuses. Even if you say it doesn't work on your computer or some of your favorite plugins don't work, we don't care. We are tired of cheats, hacks, exploits, etc. that we have to do this. We have even re-added MCBans.

If SpoutCraft laggs on your computer. The reasons could be as followed:
 - Video settings set too high. SpoutCraft allows for finer tweaking of settings. I suggest using the optimize button.
 - Your computer either has too much running on it or the hardware is getting old. I am currently running 58 processes on my Windows 7 64bit computer. Hardware specs found on my xfire profile linked to the right.