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We have a real site as of 3-3-2012!
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MCDen @ Mine-Craft-Den.com

Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plugins On Server

The list will be updated as I have time and make the changes on the server.
Not all choices are final. Current process of  cutting the list shorter.
Updated:8-10-2012 - Currently adding new possible additions
Last Counted Active Plugins:76
Plugins marked with a:
* - are possible to be removed.
<> - are Currently Kept for Events on the server.
No Symbol - Currently On Server and Running Last Checked.
  • The server is using a Dev Build of Craftbukkit++, #188. 
  • Currently Spout 1093 and SpoutCraft (client) RB for MC 1.2.5
Base Required Plugins
  • Adminium
    • Technically not a plugin, uses JSONAPI to allow iPhone/iTouch/iPad users (currently Mods and Admins only) to access and interact with the server and players.
    • Similar plugin, MobileAdmin, set up for Android device users as well. Anyone can use MobileAdmin. Just ask and you must have an Android device with internet.
  • BananaLogArchive
    •  Simply put, keeps the server log at a specified size on the hard drive. Keeping all old information saved in an dated archive. Installed due to road trips and error log getting too large to download on slow connections. Set to 1MB size limit.
  • CommandBook
    • All the fun Admin and mod powers, along with normal member powers in one bundle.
    • Allows customizing to limit what you want/need and not extras you don't in case you have something better.
    • Set to use: setspawn location, weather, thunder, spawnmob, spawn, /me, /tell (player), /reply, /whereami, /compass, /rocket, barrage, shock, thor/unthor, whois, ping, debug, kick, ban/unban, /home and /sethome.
  • BOSEconomy
    • BOSEconomy is the economy money plugin used to help challenge players of use of certain features and powers. Why ride a train when you can warp there faster? Charge the user to use the warp! Got an area you want to protect? You'll need to afford the daily taxes. Only 30 McDough a day.
  • LWC
    •  Protect Doors, chests, furnaces, etc with passwords or limited to only you. No one or outside effects and remove the chests. Besides Admins, not even Nature can remove the locked item.
  • MilkAdmin
    •  Admin and Mod accessible Web UI to easily make changes and monitor the server without signing into the game.
  • Minecraft rToolKit
    •  In tie with MilkAdmin, helps manage server backups from the UI and helps make sure the server is up 24/7. If the server freezes and does not respond, this will force restart the server. Usually takes up to 15 minutes at the longest.
  • MobileAdmin <>
    • Allows players with an Android device to sign into the server and chat with online players and see dynmap.
    • Mods and Admins have more accessible powers in the UI.
      • WorldInventory
        • Helps separate  inventories from Creative worlds and Survival worlds. No one can get free items that way.
      • Multiverse Core
        •  Manages and helps create worlds by selected settings.
          • Currently Skylands is bugged and can not be fixed at this time. Access to Skylands world is disabled
      • Multiverse Portal
        •  Manages and helps create portals to other worlds or portals.
      • NoLagg
        • Manages the TNT and Lighting Lagg.
      • Spout
        • Just click the link, too much to list...
        • Install SpoutCraft for your client to benefit all the spout possibilities.
      • Towny 
          • How To Wiki
          • Switch IDs:
            • Note Blocks, Chests, Furnaces, Wood/Steel/Trap Doors, Stone/Wood Plates, Stone Buttons, Levers, Jukeboxes, Diodes.
          • Item Use IDs:
            •  Flint-Steel (Lighter), Water/Lava/Empty Bucket, Dyes.
        • Town and plot protection. Main idea was for RPG. If it's not protected from raids, thieves, and griefers, server staff can't do much other than find out who.
        • For LARGE group projects that are for looks and use for many (10+) players or open to the server for use and seeing can be protected by WorldGuard upon approval of Server Staff and Admins.
      • WorldBorder
        • Border around the world to stop players from adventuring too far.
        • Expanding after the current area has been fairly populated.
        • Current settings are Square World, at 3072 from spawn in all directions. World is 6144x6144.
        • WorldGuard
          • Allow customizable size and protected areas of various settings.
        Side/Helpful/Fun Plugins
        • AddSomeFurniture
          • Spout Plugin. Adds unique furniture to the server that can be crafted. Click title for author's page on how to craft these items. Note: carpet is not craft-able at this time due to a bug. Author removed them for now.
        • BiomeEdit
          • Convert sections of any map to a different biome
        • BooksWithoutBorders
          • Allows staff to help keep important book data up to date without making new books every time.
        • BoosCooldowns
          • Manages some frequently used commands with warmup/cooldown timers and prices. Currently only managing teleporting commands except xwarp, as it manages it's own.
        • BuyCraft
          • Allows for in-game donating.
          • Purchase features and items with Real Life money.
          • /buy
        • CataCombs
          • Admins can create unique dungeons throughout the world.
          • All reset once a week. Certain commands and features can not be used in them.
          • WARNING! Death Chests may not work in these. Tests are needed.
        • Chatmanager
          • Used with Permissions to allow chat colors and chat tags.
          • Easy access for Server Staff to set Donator's chat tags to nearly any color and set any kind of tag.
        • ChestShop
          • Create your own item store with just a chest and sign!
          • Buy and Sell to Chest Shops created and maintained by players. Left click to buy, right click to sell.
          • Lines on Signs: Fist Line: Name, Second: Transaction Quantity, Third: Buy and Sell ( B : S ) prices, Fourth: Name of Item.
        • CraftBukkitUpToDate
          • Maintains updates to all plugins that it can find. Saves the new plugins to a specific folder and allows the admin to update plugins when they want to.
        • DeathTpPlus
          • If you die, a chest will be placed to hold your dropped items, that is if you were carrying a chest or two. Chest will then be protected for 30 minutes by LWC, then it becomes free to anyone who finds it. Does not burn in lava or caught on fire while locked.
        • DynMap
          • Allows a real-time map creation of the worlds in 3D, Top Down, and Cave view.
          • MC Den Dynmap Link
            • Currently Skylands is bugged and can not be fixed at this time. Access to Skylands world is disabled 
          • Dynmap Mobs - Shows the location of mobs under certain circumstances.
          • Dynmap Town and Worldguard - Shows borders of all claimed areas. Showing certain details as well.
        • EnchantMore
          • Allows the use of enchanting nearly anything with nearly anything. View it's page for details.
          • Currently Disabled At This Time.
        • EndReset <>
          • Resets the The_End world after the dragon has been killed and all players have left the world. 
        • Glowstone Lanterns
          • GlowStones at night, Glass at day.
          • Use /gl and place the glowstone. use /gl when finished playing glowstone. To remove a glowstone, use a proper pickaxe.
        • GrenadesPlus
          • Spout Plugin. Allows the use of grenades and power-activated explosives.
          • Only Donators may use in Survival Worlds. All may use in Creative World
          • GunsPlus
            • Spout Plugin. Allows the use of many guns and weapons.
            • Only Donators may use in Survival Worlds. All may use in Creative World
          • InfoGuide
            • Spout Plugin. Menu of text based guides and info. SpoutCraft users can see this on login, F12, or by /infoguide.
          • Jail 
            • Simply put, Jail players without banning for a period of time. They are locking into a specific area. Items removed from inventory, skin changed. Once freed, skin changed back and items returned.
            • May need player to log out and log back in to fix small skin texture glitch.
          • Mail
            • Users can send other text private mail to other offline players. Info of how to is in /mail help
          • McJobs
            • Allows players to be payed every 20 minutes for doing what they do most. Players may see what jobs are available and join them in the /jobs list, then /jobs join JobNameHere. More a job is used, the higher up it's levels you go. Higher the level, the more you will be payed.
          • MoArrows
            • Able to use different materials to make arrows more useful. 
            • Ex: Tnt+Arrow=Explosion on landing.
          • MobHealth
            • Attack a mob or player and get current health details and how much damage you have done in an Achievement Popup.
          • MoneyDrop
            • Spout Plugin. See "Gold Coins" dropped from killing mobs and players. 
          • MonsterBox
            • Allows players with SilkTouch Pickaxes to mine up spawners and place them where they want. Still in testing. Idea of this is to allow players to 'illegally' farm mobs for money, exp, and drops, or for their own arenas. As a future theme rule (no banning from server), a player caught using these spawners as farms will be jailed for X amount of time and the area filled in with obsidian.
          • obuShutTheHellUp
            • If the name isn't blunt enough. Helps keep the spam down in the server log of informative yet repetitive information.
          • OddItem
            • All items have a unique name and ID, but some items are called different names from players. This helps keep the disorder in order.
            • Mainly used with ChestShop to match common names with their respective IDs.
            • Hold specified item and use /iteminfo for detailed info including core name and ID 
          • PaintedStone
            • SpoutPlugin. Allows creating Painted Stone Blocks. Stone, Cobble, Obsidian, Glowstone. Craftable same way as dying wool.
          • PistonChest
            • Push certain block types into chests and pull them back out. Useful for cobblestone and stone farming.
          • PlayerActivities
            • NOTE: Standing too long while just chatting is not detected. Must move at least 3 blocks to reset AFK counter.
          • PlotMe
            • Used for Creative World. Allows players to claim and maintain their own plot areas.
          • QuickSign
            • Optional Use In SpoutCraft with /qs spout, click sign, edit, then /qs to disable feature.
            • Simple Sign editor using Chat. Change individual lines of text and set color.
            • Use /qs to enable, click sign(s) /qs (line number) (new text)
            • Use /qs to disable.
          • Redstoneblocks
            • Simple Spout Plugin. Create a redstone block with a 3x3 redstone grid on the workbench. These redstone blocks can transmit current. Useful for condensing stacks of redstone dust.
          • rTriggers
            • Very customizable plugin. Allows macro commands, timed messages, event functions, etc. 
          • Simple Reserve
              • Will be left out of the server until server capacity begins to get hit.
            • Server full? Get kicked to make room for Donated players? Donate and become a VIP.
          • Skylands Plus*
              • Replaced by Terrain Control. Still in Testing. 
            • Currently disabled until release of Recommended Builds of CB and Spout for MC 1.1
            • Creates Skylands seen in older versions of MineCraft.
            • Might be replaced by Terrain Control. Still testing.
          • SnowBallNextDoor<>
            • Snowballs now do damage from players and snowmen.
          • StainedGlass
            • SpoutPlugin. Stain your own glass blocks any color, similar to dying wool.
          • MoreMaterials  
            • Creation of NON-Vanilla Minecraft Items.
            • Only Donators can create these items.
          • SuperCapes
            • Powerful capes to give unique powers.
              • Visit Ranks for who can create what kind of capes. 
            • Note: Since MC 1.3.2 Update, only able to collect cape items. Using them results in Unknown Command. Awaiting Update from Author.
          • TerrainControl
            • Customizable terrain generator. Used to make many unique types of worlds.
            • Used by Skylands and future worlds.
          • TeleportSuit
            • Full teleporting suite. Read page for all details.
            • Turnstile
              • Pay to enter an area. Good for area that does not allow teleporting.
            • V10verlap <>
              • Allows for world teleporting from Falling too low or Climbing too high.
              • Earth_Skylands -> Earth -> Earth_Nether and back the other way..
            • Vault
              • Similar to Register, adds a middleman between economy plugins and a economy money plugin.
              • Replacement for Register. Middleman for Permissions???
            • Votifier
              • Vote for the server on the images on the right will grant you items/money.
              • Game 50 McDough for each site vote once a day. Possible up to 200 a day.
            • WildBoars
              • Attacking neutral mobs may result in an unwelcomed result. Ex: Some sheep act like Goats.
            • WorldEdit
              •  Allows for massive world editing and changing. Create a ball of TNT, quickly fill a building full of water. All available in Creative worlds only.
            • xWarp 
            Cycled BiWeekly Plugin Events - Cycled every First and Third Sunday of Each Month.
            These are plugins that can make a large change to gameplay that could cause issues if used all at once.
            • Bloodmoon
              • Ever played Terraria? Then you know what this will do.
              • Each night has a small chance of becoming a Bloodmoon night. Monsters become faster, stronger, and more dangerous. Frequently updated. Check page for details.
            • CreepersDay
              • As it may sound, random days/nights only creepers and charged creepers spawn.
            • Herobrine
              • Small random npc ghost doing random things to haunt the players of the world.
            • MonsterHunt
              • Each night has a chance of being a Monster Hunting night. Kill monsters in the designated zone to earn points. Top 3 players gain rewards. Don't die or you'll loose a percentage of your points!
              • Even smaller change for a BloodMoon + Monster Hunt nights.
              • NaturalGiants*
                  • Not managed by author last known. Looking for replacement. Might be enabled in Future Skylands only.
                • Extremely large giants have fallen from Skylands to the rest of the world. Don't get too close, you will catch on fire and possibly stomped to death.
              • NeoMeteor*
                  • Author Dumped Project. Out Of date. No Longer Works. Still Like the Idea Though.
                • Small chance of meteors falling. Creating craters, spawning random mining materials.
              • Treasure Hunt*
                  • Really Like This Plugin. Causes Server Crashes At This Time. Might Be Kept.
                • Periodically  "treasure" chests are spawned around the world. Users then can use rotten flesh to find out if they are getting closer to the chest. No depth detection.
                Possible additions:
                • BookShelf
                  • Store books of any kind into a bookshelf. Right click the bookshelf to open it like a chest. Good idea for storing hidden items.
                • BountyHunter
                  • Put a bounty on someone's head, someone kills them, you pay them. Everyone's happy.
                • BadWater2
                  • Swimming has become poisoned or piranha have been reported. Careful how deep you swim.
                • Survival Arena
                  • Fight other players until the last man standing.
                • MondoChest
                  • Sorting amongst other chests.
                • OnTime
                  • Keep track and reward players on certain amounts of playtime and achievements per day, week, month, etc. Read plugin's page for more details.
                • Techtree
                  • Restrict new players to complete certain crafting or such in order to gain access to new crafting and permissions features.

                  Updates, replacements, WHEN!

                  The test and tinker server has been going on well, though 1.9 hasn't been released yet, won't by until MineCon has announced it's release.
                  Until then, the test server has yielded some nice yet interesting results. We've decided to keep a simple, three category list of plugins, mainly to help debug any issues.

                  The first list is Essential plugins. These are plugins that need to be running for others to work properly, or they are security plugin. Some plugins in this list are more important than others; by keeping a 1-10 scale of importance will help other Server Maintainers know what can be disabled and what can not depending on the issues. Very helpful if they do not know all the details of each plugin and how they are used.

                  The second list are fun-on-the-side plugins. They are the icing on the cake for enjoyment and fun. Examples would be iChat for colored chat for groups and general talk, and ChairCraft, allowing you to sit in "chairs".

                  The third list are for cycled bi-weekly plugins. This is a new addition to keep things interesting. Every two weeks, one, or a combination of certain plugins, will be enabled on the server. One of my current favorites is Blood Moon.

                  Details on these lists will be released when 1.9 has been released, but CraftBukkit has not.
                  Until MC 1.9 is released, we will continue to tinker, add/remove, and tweak server plugins. We are trying to add as much interest yet simplicity to the server without too much redundancy. I like the use of CommandBook and Teleplusplus, but both have similar abilities, Teleporting. But Tele++ has more power then CommandBook. Same with Commandbook and xWarps. But we are implementing  the Commandbooks Home system.

                  I am also adding in the use Spout, which some of it's side plugins are nice. I'm still debating if I'm going to implement the Splash Screen Image. I would rather have a screen show up where I can add text for news and information, kinda like garry's mod servers.

                  Sunday, October 2, 2011

                  New server status

                  Been working on setting up a replacement server to start from scratch. I've been setting it up on my computer to set the plugins the way they need to. So far here are the plugins:

                  (Updated 10-10)
                  74.19512.152:25566 - server
                  74.19512.152:8122 - dynmap

                  Blank Lines Indicate Hidden Plugins.
                  Typing /plugins in game will result in no return message.

                  BananaLogArchiver        0.1  
                  BorderGuard                4.2  
                  BurningMobs                0.6  
                  ChairCraft                1.2.6  
                  ChestShop                3.21  
                  ColoredSigns            1.1  
                  CommandBook                1.6-customized  
                  CommandSigns            1.1.0  
                  CraftBukkitUpToDate        2.6.7  
                  dynmap                    0.23
                  EffectiveArrows            2.5.2  
                  HealthBar                0.7  
                  Help                    0.3.2  
                  iConomy                    5.01  
                  Inception                1.04dev0.5  
                  Jail                    2.0.1  
                  KRegions                1.0  
                  Lampstone                1.0  
                  LWC                        4.0.0-alpha6  
                  LWCpp                    0.1.4  
                  mChat                    1.8.2_5  
                  milkAdmin                1.4-08.04  
                  Minequery                1.5  
                  mmoCore                    1.7  
                  mmoPet                    0.4  
                  MobileAdmin                3.2.1  
                  MoneyDrop                1.3.2  
                  MonsterTriggers            0.4  
                  MultiInv                2.3.2  
                  Multiverse-Core            2.0-b265  
                  Multiverse-Portals        2.0-b254  
                  NarrowtuxLib            0.8.11  
                  NaturalGiants            1.3  

                  NoLagg                    1.3  
                  obuShutTheHellUp        0.3  
                  OddItem                    0.8  
                  OpenInv                    1.4.6  
                  Permissions                2.7.7  
                  PermissionsBukkit        1.2  
                  PistonChest                0.5.2  
                  PlayerStatus            2.3  

                  PvPToggle                0.4.3  
                  Questioner                0.4  
                  RemoteToolkitPlugin        0.45b  
                  RequiPanelCore            1.0  
                  RequiPanelEnvironment    1.0  
                  RequiPanelPlayers        2.0  
                  rTriggers                2.32  
                  SkyPlus                    1.2.3  
                  SpoutPlayers            1.9.1  
                  SpoutTrade                1.2.2  
                  TelePlusPlus            1.3.4  
                  TntMiner                0.1  
                  Tombstone                1.3.6  
                  Vanilla                    0.1  

                  WorldEdit                4.7  
                  WorldGuard                5.3  
                  xWarp                    3.1.4