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Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Note On Bannings:

To All Who Want To Be Unbanned:
Please State Your Exact Minecraft Name.
When someone says "Please unban me." 
We can't without your Exact Minecraft name.

There has been assumptions and complaints that I, as in LigerXT5, have been banning people for little to no reason. If we ban you, you would have been warned ahead. You would also notice a ban listing on your name in either Glizer or on the page of shame.

If you try to join the server and your reputation on MCBans.com is lower than 8, you can not join.
We will not accept people who have been banned from other server for cheating, hacking, and deliberately breaking rules. Some people make mistakes, hence the reason the reputation limit is at 8 instead of 10.
Same goes for glizer.de. If your rep is below -5, you will not be able to join.

If you want to fix the reputation issues, take your time and fix it on either/both glizer.de and MCBans.com.

     Page of Shame. If your name is on there, you are banned with proof. Simple as that.

     Go to http://www.glizer.de/users/ and search for your name.
     Rep Limit: -5 or less, you can not join.

If Banned, we usually place proof on the Banned Players with Proof or Glizer within 24 hours. Small bans are not listed on the Page of Shame. Usually those who deemed worthy (ex. Xray use).

If you do not show below the listed limits on any either of the sites and not listed on the ban lists, then you are not banned. If you can not join, either you are joining the wrong server, have our server details wrong, or you have your own problems on your end. Any further questions can be sent via e-mail under Contact Us.


  1. Liger this is Estate22 i deserve a second chance

    1. You were warned not to tell players where the black market. Also, please do not spam us with multiple notifications and posts. Either post once here or send an e-mail, not both.

  2. liger i am banned

  3. To All Who Post Anonymous and Does Not State Your Name, I CANNOT Help You.

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  7. Kenos or liger Y remove The commet I just Wanna Be Unbanned Well... I do like This Server And I Also Want To Try Out Tier 5 donation I Just Bought. please dont do That Again KenosHyBred thank You/

    1. It's simple. You were told no and to wait until your 24 hour ban is finished. You keep requesting to have it removed. It does not matter to us if you decided to donate $15 or $1500, you were warned then banned.
      Continue requesting to have your ban removed will result in a lengthier ban.
      The black market is meant to be a secret and only those who found it on their own can use it.
      Thanks to you, Kenos and I will begin moving what's left of it to a new location in the nether, as we planned to do after MC 1.5 was released and the new nether was generated.

  8. well ok then that was my exact name estate22

  9. so Are We ok? i am now currently now not begging on you liger

  10. I tried to log in to your server for the first time, and I came up as banned. My MC name is airagalanodel. I would appreciate an un-ban so I can try the server out and see if it's somewhere I would like to play. Thank you for your time.

    1. The last time your MC name was signed onto the server was Feb 3rd. On Feb 8th we got reports of your name in raids of Catacomb (dungeons) areas when the plugin was down to prevent damages. There were posts in multiple locations stating not to access the catacombs until the issue is fixed. Anyone caught will be banned 1 week and a possible 1500McDough fine.
      The week ban is up on Feb 15th. This is only a local ban not not a global report ban. All changes of yours were reverted by up to 1 week from time of findings, to recover all damages.

  11. how long am i banned one hour because abusing call admin it is not serious

  12. Learn to read the ban list as linked above. You are banned for 5 hours. I personally did not ban you. I know of the other possible admin who may have. And yes, using the calladmin for petty requests is serious. It pings out iDevices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) I don't have one, but the other admins who do get rather annoyed at petty small requests.
    Edit: Just checked the command log. Doing a calladmin and saying Hello is not suggested. As I stated, it's petty. CallAdmin should be used for issues such as a heavily used plugin (xwarp, economy, towny) is not working and should be checked immediately. Including server causing much TPS lag and no staff on to look at the issue and/or restart it.

  13. This is Aerek. I want to give everyone their stuff back. My p.c is Sh*t though and I can't use Spoutcraft. It won't even open. Is there anyway I could go back to using the original launcher? Sorry for ambushing Kenos workers too.

    1. If the splash screen doesn't even load, then it's something on your computer stopping it. It could either your Java out of date, or your firewall/security not allowing it. As I have stated in our other conversations, ask for help on their forums. If you do not bother to ask for help, don't bother asking us to get back on without it.