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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ingame fixes to be done

With time I have, and thanks for those reminding me of this and that, I'm fixing bugs that I can. Just fixed the bug with no double chests upon death for tier 3 donators and up.

Bugs that need to be fixed:
  • Odd XP bug that gives extra XP upon death when recently used XP Bank.
  • No Stores for the following items (easy fix, takes a little time)
    • Colored Leather
      • Also need to move dyes and wool from General Store Second Floor to he clothier store.
    • Stores for trip wires.
    • I'm sure there are other items I need to set up store for. But I haven't had time to look. 
  • Annoying bug where newly joined players use /calladmin asking for petty stuff such as membership and why they can't do anything. May just disable calladmin until they pass the Rules Test. 
  • The timed tips, about 50% if not more are out of date and needs redoing. For now I'm disabling them. I plan to have less tips along with commands with the new tips for more details
    • Example: Tip 25 (random number): To have time sensitive glowstone, use the /gl features. More Details at /tip25.
    • Running /tip25 would result something like:
      • GlowStone Lanterns. How to: Use /gl to enable the feature. Any and all glowstone placed after /gl is enabled will be time sensitive. Use /gl again to disable and all future glowstone placements will be normal glowstone.
  • NoobResponse is acting a little weird. Ex: If someone says can I open, NoobResponse will respond as if someone asked Can I have OP.
I need to set up commands for what items are in what stores at mcden, along with coordinates of the store locations. Please, don't remind me that I need a better Help system. As plugins come and go, it's a pain to keep up. I would rather have players visit the plugins list on here and click the plugin's link to see it's page for details. It would be a lot easier for players to get all details that way. I will also be remaking the plugins page to state more details of each plugin depending on how their config files are set up.

I do apologize for the lack of fixes and activity on the server. As mentioned before, this is a hobby of mine, hence the reason I keep looking for loyal, mature, active players to add in as McDenPatrol. As everyone else, I too have a life. I just picked out my new car yesterday and will be finishing the paperwork later this week.

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