Who Are We?

What are you doing here?
We have a real site as of 3-3-2012!
Trust us, it looks and feels better there!
MCDen @ Mine-Craft-Den.com

Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Group Details

The Ranking System is simple and to the point.
Some plugins have group benefits set aside for easier reading.
Super Capes

New Players Joining the server are GUESTS.
  • Guests - Chat Tag States GUEST, Followed by Name and Health.
    • Talk.
    • Limited Warping.
      • Global Warps
    • Limited Commands
      • /hasspout PLAYER - Check to see if Named Player is using SpoutCraft.
      • /jailstatus - If in jail, see your status.
      • /afk and /back
      • /ss, /being, /wakeup - Spawn Locations
      • /news, /blog,  /rules, /dynmapurl, beginnertips - Macro text info commands.
      • /credit, /staff, /donated - List of credit to Plugins, Staff Listing, and Donators.
      • /give - Highly Suggest Not Using This Command, for Any Group Player.
    • Access to only world Earth (Main World). 
    • Players reverted to GUESTS from another group are NOT using SpoutCraft.
    • Does not inherit any permissions.
Jailed/Banned Players.
  • Jailed/Banned Players are limited to specific permissions. A Banned Group was created as a precaution in case a player was removed from the banned list files.
    • Cannot Warp or Teleport of any kind.
    • Restricted abilities. Can only talk, walk and look around.
    • /jail status, /afk and /back
    • Skin is changed to Prisoner skin.
    • Limited to one Building.
    • Does not inherit any permissions.
    People who have followed the instructions of how to become a MEMBER and have been accepted by a MOD, SMod, or Admin.
    • Member - Chat Tag States No Tag. Only Name And Health.
      • Modify World - Only Unclaimed Areas. Not Claimed by Towny/WorldGuard. 
        • Not allowed to use TNT - Donate to use.
      • Wear Super Capes. Right click with cape to wear/replace. Use /scap to remove worn cape.
        •  Normal colored capes - Just normal dyed capes.
        •  Light Cape - The area around you is brighter.
      • /spawn - teleport to spawn
      • /mute PLAYER - Mute specific player from your chat view.
      • /home and /homeset - use of Home. /homeset sets current position to teleport when /home is used.
        • Currently disabled as we are not using Commandbook.
        • Plans to replace with HomeBlock
      • /dtp - list of accessable commands and help for finding your lost "death chest" of items from death.
        • If Player dies And has a chest in inventory, a chest is left at death location hold all items.
      • /dynmap render - renders the tile are you are in for Dynamp view.
      • /glizer - Set global details of other players. See rep and comments from other servers.
      • iConomy Use:
        • /money /money pay (player) /money top
      • /jail help - Details of jails and accessible commands.Allow the use of Teleporting in/out of Jail.
      • /gl - Use to enable any future placed glowstone to be Glowstone @ Night/storm, Glass @ Day. Use again to disable future placements changing at day/night.
      • /lwc - List of features of Block Protection. Including Chests, doors, etc.
      • Allowed to Teleport to/from Member Worlds: Earth, Nether, The_End, Creative.
      • /qs -Use for editing signs without retyping it all. Allows for coloring text of signs.
      • Player to Player Teleport
        • /tpa (player) - Request to be teleported to the player.
        • /tpahere (player) - Request a player to teleport to your location.
        • /accept (player) - Accept either request to teleport player to you, or vise-vera.
          • Tip: /tpa or /tpahere do not require full player names. The /accept requires full exact name.
      • /towny help - Menu of commands for claiming and modifying one's town and seeing it's details.
      • /warp - Allow the use of creation, modification, and use of warping.
        • NOTE: Current Bug On Server. DO NOT EXPLOIT! Do Not Warp From One World To Another. Use Portals. Portals Are Created For A Reason.
        • Members are Limited and Charged for creating and using warps. (Currently not functioning.) Charge of use goes to the Owner of the warps.
          • Private Warps:
            • Create: $30
            • Use: $5
            • Limit: 5
          • Public
            • Create: $10
            • Use: $8
            • Limit: 5
          • Global
            • Create: $20
            • Use: $6.5
            • Limit: 2
        • Warmups and Cool-downs are three (3) seconds.Reset upon use and damage (Currently not working).
      • World Limits:
        • Survival Worlds:
          • Creation and Use of Chest Shops - $25 To create.
          • Claim and Modify Towns.
        • Creative:
          • Full use of Worldguard and World Edit.
      • Permissions Inherited From Default.
    Players who have donated and not donated for a month are left in the Donator Group.
    • Donator
      • Can ask a Mod or higher to reset the are's biome.
      • Access to Large Tombstones, quick loot on right-click, and gain half lost experience.
      • More super capes
        • Water Cape
        • Glide Cape
        • Atronch Cape
        • FatMan Cape
      • /dynmap hide/show - Hide or Show yourself from dynmap view.
      • /tp toggle - Stop or allow players from teleporting to you.
      • Access to Soon-Coming Mining World
        • Mining world will contain spout ores and blocks that normal worlds do not.
      • Able to CREATE Spout Supplied Items/Blocks/Food.
      • Kick non-donators out to make room for entry. Will be kicked for DiamondDonators.
      • Warp Limits increased:
        • Private Warps:
          • Create: $22
          • Use: $3
          • Limit:8
        • Public
          • Create: $8
          • Use: $5
          • Limit: 8
        • Global
          • Create: $15
          • Use: $4
          • Limit:4
      • Permissions inherited from Member Group.
    Players who donated in the last 31/93/186 days gain Diamond Donator status.
    • Diamond Donator
      • Allowed to place and use TNT.
      • All the Capes
        • Speed Cape - sprint 4 times faster and jump 3 times on watersurface
        • Obsidian Cape - fire/lava resitant and sneak to walk on lava
        • Power Cape - hit 3 times harder (hand or weapon) and push enemies back
      • /slap PLAYER - Slap a player dealing No damage.
      • Set Own Skin and Cape - Currently disabled at this time.
      • Create Their Own Nation
      • Kick any non-Diamond-Donators to make room for entry.
      • Traincarts:
        • Build Stations
          • Create Spawners - Removed until able to remove Profit-Exploit.
        • Triggers
        • Tags Switcher
        • Destination
        • Destructor
        • Ejector
        • Push Handler
      • Permissions inherited from Donator Group.
      • Ignored from unprotected area thefts while being reported by staff.

    People who first help start the server in Feb/March of 2010 are in the Founder Group.
    • Founder
      • Permissions inherited from Diamond Donator Group.
    DenPatrol - Monitor and report issues to Mods and up. Manages general issues relating to both server and theme rules. They are NOT to use their powers to their own benefits.
    • Check the areas for griefing and theft.
      • Cannot report players to the public that are Diamond Donators. 
      • Report Diamond Donator theives/griefers to server staff by private message or other forms not public.
    • Jail players relating to Server and Theme rules.
    • Reports incidents to server staff and of any possible issues of concern.
    • Ability to force player to player tp, no requests.

       >> In-completed List. College/Work/Life <<
      Currently a rough draft typed up. Adding more details as questions and thoughts come along.


      1. Curious as to the diamond status donators, is that for people who donate monthly? or donate to a certain tier? -Dethklok129

        1. This page is extremely old. We used to do it time lengthed. We no longer do tiers for X time anymore.