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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Den Cape Database

At this time, SuperCapes Details here are out of date. New capes have been added, permissions have been added for the new capes and functions. Detail below will be updated shortly.
Yes, SuperCapes now work on the server.

Supercapes: Simply put, capes to give people certain powers when worn. Would it be speed, immunity, be Mario, or make the Creepers friendly to you. All you need to make one is a normal cape and a power orb.

Power Orbs: Can be found in dungeons (catacombs). At this time, we are still testing to be certain they are showing up. Powerfull capes have a 10% chance showing up in the final loot chest, while all other capes are found in other chests at the same rate each. Catacomb dungeons only reset once per week. Which in turn makes it harder to find an orb for one self.

There is an in-game book of the capes called the Cape Lexicon. To create one, you need a basic cape and a normal book. On the crafting table, place the basic cape above the normal book.

Certain groups/ranks can have access to certain or more capes.

  • Create basic colored capes - No powers, unless you just like to run around and saying "Woosh!"
  • Helper Cape - "A talking cape, it changes his face!!! and warn you for dangers and many more, you will never be alone again"
  • Light Cape - "Lights up the area around you"
  • Medic Cape - "Throw snowballs on players to restore their health"
  • Moon Cape - "Health regeneration at night and ALL monsters ignore you (only at night and you must wear it before mobs target you!)"
  • Obsidian Cape - "Fire/lava resistant and sneak to walk on lava."
  • Speed Cape - "Sprint 4 times faster and jump 3 times on water surface."
  • Enderman Cape - "Randomly teleport with endereye + left-click
  • Skeleton Cape - "Cast an arrow-wall at the target and set them on fire by shooting at them."
  • Spider Cape - "Trap the enemy in a web-trap by hitting them."
  • Atronach Cape - "Stand physical attacks 3 times better and bounce back arrows"
  • Fatman Cape - "Hunger bar is always on 100%"
  • Glide Cape - "Jump higher (sneak+space) and glide (in air repeatedly space)"
  • Ice Cape - Trap enemies in snow when hitting them and get a snow carpet. Eating Snow restores health.
  • Power Cape - "Hit 3 times harder (hand or weapon) and push enemies back"
  • Sun Cape - "Regenerates health at day and set near enemies on fire at night"
    • Enemies as in monsters. Not nation enemies.
  • Water Cape - "Air-bar is always 100% and with space you can swim like Super Mario"
  • Zombie Cape - Makes the wearer twice as strong while fighting players.
Diamond Donators:
  • Exp Cape - "Get 10 times more exp"
  • Fire Cape - "Set enemies on fire, you are fireproof and you get a fire carpet"
  • Miners Cape - "Get drop bonus on diamond, lapis, redstone and coal and suffocation wont harm the user"
  • Nature Cape - "Get triple drop bonus on meat, wheat, seeds, apples, flowers, eggs, feather, fish and leather and get a nice flower carpet.
  • Wolf Cape - Summon a wolfpack with a bone for 30 seconds and sprint twice as fast.
Capes not decided on enabling to Members-Diamond Donators as of yet:
  • Invisibility Cape - Makes the wearer completely invisible while sneaking around players. Invisible to mobs that have not targeted wearer before wearing.
  • Silverfish Cape - Walk through walls (remove the cape for reset tunnels).

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  1. I'll be happy to make ya one, like I did for Liger, if you want one :)