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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tips, Cans, and Can'NOTs

So, to tie into the the rules of the server, some side things some of the players and I highly suggest not doing on the server.

Don't go AFK (Away from Keyboard) too long. - The chunk you are in will unload from the server memory and you will fall to your doom and loose your stuff. (Might be fixed now.)
Do go AFK around active players that will be in the area of you.

Don't use /dungeon, /space (or /space back), or /sphere. - You will appear where you don't want to.
Do use the portals set up for teleporting. This is done to make the game more enjoyable, not fast and easily boring.

Don't randomly /tp to someone. - I have seen my fair share of players falling to their doom or burning to death.
Do ask to tp first before teleporting to the person. If you know that the area you are in is NOT to random teleport to, please use /tp toggle to stop idiots from teleporting to you. If they ask, just move to a safe spot, use /tp toggle again, let them tp to you, then use the command again.

Don't just stand there and let yourself burn to death. - Just because you can't Stop, Drop, and Roll in the game like real life, you can do something real life you can't. Warp.
Do /warp cool - Note: only works in Earth. Alternatives are in the works.

For now, I think this is all the idiot situational questions I can think of. But as always, make something more idiot proof, they'll make a better idiot...

For the tips, stuff I do nearly all the time and other players do that I've noticed:

Always carry a chest or two. - If you die, you can find your stuff without it vanishing. It's been said that dropped items laying around last 5 minutes before vanishing.

Keep a weapon on you at all times. - You never know when something will sneak up on you.

Building something large with wood? Carry logs. - When you craft them into planks, you will quadruple your inventory of planks. One log will give you 4 planks, 1 stack of 64 logs will give you 4 stacks of 64 planks, 2 stacks of logs will fill your hotbar with planks, leaving room for an Axe or Defensive Weapon.

Always use Shift, or what ever key you have set to crouch/sneak/slow walk, when you are near an edge. - When ever I'm about 3 blocks close to a ledge, I use shift. I've fallen more times than I can keep track, especially working on the airship...

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  1. All this information goes in tandem with real life advice, too. =P