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What are you doing here?
We have a real site as of 3-3-2012!
Trust us, it looks and feels better there!
MCDen @ Mine-Craft-Den.com

Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Server up and going

A few days ago, the people managing the hardware for our server host decided it was mandatory to do hardware upgrades and move everything over. I honestly do not know if it was the hardware workers, or HGS, but someone didn't give a heads up in a reasonable amount of time. I did get an e-mail from HGS stating what was going, but I did not see the e-mail until after I got off work, a hour after they sent it. Which by the time I got home, the server was already down and I had absolutely no access to any server features or data.

During the time, I was looking around, keeping my self busy as I didn't feel like playing Skyrim or much of anything else. I came along a number of plugins that peeked my interest to add. Some are minigames to play with or against other plays, another is a fun gambling game.

One plugin in particular, many on the server really hated while others liked it. Though I heard more dislike than like. For now, the plugin is disabled, but will come back with minimal features active. The plugin will probably be working at 1/4 functionality or less. ExtraHardMode
I will be using this plugin mostly to get some exploits, and some things I consider exploits, harder to work with or impossible to do. Such as mobgrinders and building farms underground. I'd like to add a little bit more of a challenge to both fighters and builders. Such as some mobs act differently; zombies have a 25% chance to revive themselves, and torches cannot be left out in the rain without being dropped to the ground. Details on what we are going to use will be listed on the plugins page or on another page linking from it.

For those that were asking about whitelist details, it is simple. If I am able to start the server, but something security wise is not functioning properly, I will run the server in whitelist. Why? The longer our server is down, the lower our %UpTime goes on most server lists. Some server lists like to punish one's % the longer it is down. The longer it is down, the faster it goes down, while the longer it is up, the longer it takes to recover. The server lists the punishes you has some really bad calculations on this. If the server is down for, let's say 5 minutes, we may lose .01%. After 15 minutes, we may lose .15%. But if we are then up for a few hours straight, we might be able to get .01% back each hour, which is plainly stupid.
Along with the server being in whitelist mode, those who whish to vote can vote and still gain their rewards. Though, if you are not on the server, you will not get your reward until you log onto the server.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Server Whitelisted For Temp Fixing

We just got our server up and running about an hour ago. Since then, we have been fighting database issues that would cause the server either freeze, or do a force restart.
For the time being, and safety of other players, the server is up with all the plugins that require a database access disabled, including our block edit recorder off. During this time, the server will be in WhiteList mode until it is safe for others to join.

Everyone who has access to dynmap should be able to chat, if they have set up their registration. If not, please do so next time you can join the server.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Server hardware being upgraded

Sorry for the delay, I've been at work when I found out.
The server hardware is being upgraded and we were notified via e-mail. I have calmly placed a rant discussing this on their forum. This is not the first time the server went down randomly, but this time there is a reason. I don't know if it was another random downtime and they decided to transfer, but personally, it is getting a bit annoying.

"The HGS Team has an important message about your server at HGS. Your server hosted on indigo has the following announcement:

Indigo is currently being migrated to new hardware as required by the datacenter. Expect to be back online in a few hours.

To manage your server on indigo, Login to the HGS panel at the link below. If your server goes down for a reboot you will need to login and start it up again."

If you would like to place any comments, that is fine, anything rude is absolutely Not Acceptable.  The post will be deleted from the forum and you may be banned. I may even ban you for a time from the server as well.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

MobArena Added

I have added MobArena a few days ago and been tinkering with it. I really like how it works.
Quote from FB Group:
I've added a new mob arena at MCDen town. Right next to /dungeons warp. Must be within 10 blocks range to enter to fight. I've added two traps, trap doors and makes use of the super-push pistons.
Since I can't control the money drop in mobarenas, and I didn't like the reward system anyways, you do not receive item reward until after wave 10. As you fight monsters, you do receive money (when killed by a player, not trap). I may have to tweak the money drop because of mobarena. Still debating on this.

I plan to add in a donation here and there to access a few of the new classes I plan to add. Such as gunsmith and sniper. For now, most settings are default for classes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Status on server Financially.

I'm not going to go into all the details this time around on what costs us for this and that and what is coming where. I'm just posting this out there for those who likes to keep an eye and see how good or bad we are doing currently.

Keep reading for some quick details. Read the red text below for bottom line/to the point info.

303 days until next payment (we're paying yearly now).
Due about 11/26/2013

Cost for the server yearly:
16 Slots ($2 ea.)
+400MB Ram ($1.50)
($3x16 + $1.50) = $33.5 A month
$33.5 x 12 = $402 A Year
We do get a discount for paying yearly and being with them for over a year. Not going into that. Extra money can go toward upgrades.
This does not count what I pay to advertise us on the SpoutCraft server listings. We don't pay for advertising on other server lists. Too expensive just for a hobby. SpoutCraft listings may seem cheap, but reasonable.

Income since last payment:
Referral links for advertising our host: $63.35
Donations (oddly exact): $100
Total: $163.35
About $81.675 a month
     That's about $980.10 in one year if we keep it at that rate!

  • Expenses:    $402.00 For A Year
  • Income:       $163.35 Since last payment
  • Remaining: $238.65 To pay for next year
  • Great work guys!

So what upgrades could we get?
I'm aiming for no higher for 20 slots. We've had a number of players state they prefer a small server.
Increasing the RAM on the server for less crashes due to RAM Usage Spikes. Though we are using Spigot over CraftBukkit, we still have some RAM Spikes from time to time. So we have to keep back on some plugins. I'd really like to get Citizens and ShopKeepers installed and use them.

Why can't I just help pay for the server directly?
You can, but we'd like it if you used the buycraft donation system. We have a section dedicated for donations without rewards. http://mcden.buycraft.net/category/22464

I'd like to donate a little amount for a couple features, not for a whole tier.
We're actually working on that. If you've visited the donation page in the last month, we have added a lot of new donation features. We will keep the tiered system as a discount for those who do have the money. They will be about the same price, but will get free ingame items and money. Though that is still in discussion and can widely change later.

The donations idea is a bad idea. Needs to be revamped. No one should get items ingame just because they have the money.
I totally agree. I've been given a lot of suggestions for setting up donations for outrageous permissions and items as well. I've been trying to keep the playing field even as possible. Hence the mob eggs require a donation instead of buying them ingame. I may set up the mob eggs for a much higher price ingame later, or I might not.

I don't have the money to buy the stuff that I'd have to find another way to obtain.
If you are following the rules of the server, it states you must be 16 years or older (and mature) to join. If you are 16 or older, get a job. Not making much? I suggest finding a different job that pays more, or stop playing games and get to work.
The server alone, with no donations or referral income, would cost me a month income from one of my jobs. I'm also a college student with no college loans to worry about later. (Slightly off topic: I do not suggest going about how I am getting through college without college loans. Nothing bad that I'm doing, trust me, just some stuff in my past that has a ying-yang event for my future in some ways.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long time no see?

Quote from FBgroup recent post:
I've removed the death messages from rTriggers and letting DeathTPPlus to manage that now.
I'm tinkering with Dynmap to show Death Locations (DTP). When was log off locations added? Viewable from the tab options on the left.
I've added a couple new plugins for testing. one is call wwwLag, simple small plugin to allow us, mostly admins, to see player and ping rates over time via online graph. I've added PlugMan in hopes of using to manage plugin enable/disable/reloading ingame without use of external devices.

Sorry for the lack of posts here. Mostly been discussing via the FBGroup and Twitter. If yo have not been looking at the twitter from the left side, you are missing out on not just the server, but retweeted posts from the Mojang crew about MineCraft in general. Most recent is over the new possibilities of the texture packs. Don't know about it? Simply: All textures are individual images, not an image map (multiple images on one image sheet/file). They also allowed the ability to animate every single image. How bad does that  sound? Check the video by pgeuder on twitter.

KenosHybred/Jamie has tested and found the cause. Logging onto the server with an item, or more, with enchants having levels over the normal MC limit (max is 5 I believe) causes issues with WorldInventories. When logging in with items as described will cause the player's inventory to be wiped. Be Careful! I'll put this in the timed news.