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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Better Live Broadcasting...

So now I am using LiveStream.com.
I am still thinking of a better place for the video, for now, it's own post:

I have been working on the sound and still having a bit of a problem with the hissing. At least the resolution let's you see that chat. Thinking of that, I need to fix my keyboard still...

So, either I use the microphone and have the hissing, or have the game sound go through and let it echo on a loop. I can have both going too. But there's no need to listen to me most of the time since I don't talk unless I'm on Vent, TeamSpeak, or Mumble. The speaker echo on the other hand is annoying...

I do apologize for not streaming a lot. With college going and more residents in the dorms each year, internet quality has decreased. At best, I could stream on the weekends.

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