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What are you doing here?
We have a real site as of 3-3-2012!
Trust us, it looks and feels better there!
MCDen @ Mine-Craft-Den.com

Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


In case of an issue, would it be an appeal of an issue, found an exploit, or found an issue that a server staff member needs to know.
In game when a staff member is on: /tell (player) (your message)
Leave a post below
Or by E-mail

List of server staff can be found via Ranks (unfinished) or /staff ingame.

How to: Dynmap Register For Dynmap Chat

Some people are still having issues signing up to chat through dynmap. Honestly, I think the feature could have been done better.

  1. Log into the server with a rank of Member or Higher.
  2. Use the command: /dynmapregister
  3. You will be given a key code. Go to the Dynmap Page and click Login or the button over chat.
  4. In the bottom half type your MC User Name exactly as you seen it in the webregister chat screen, then your password of choice, then the code given from ingame.
  5. Submit, if it works, you should be able to log into dynmap and chat freely with your name showing.
  • If you mistype your code, you will need to rerun the webregister command again to regenerate the code. 
  • If the buttons are not showing, or your IP is showing and not your name press the 'F5' key and the 'CTRL' key at the same time to hard-refresh the dynmap page. If you are still unable to get to the login page: Dynmap Login Page
  • If you are previous Dynmap Viewer on the server, it is suggested not to use the server's numbered IP address to log in. Use the text url: mc-den.zapto.org:8122
    • Using FireFox for an example brings up a page notification about forgery or such. This is false and been reported as being false. The only assumption we have is someone on our physical computer server has done something to cause issues.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Updates and springbreak

Over springbreak, as of all of last week for spring break for most of us, Minecraft 1.2.4 was released.
Details of the changes can be found via minecraftwiki.net's update log and a video by the minecraftforum.

  • Yesterday I updated the server to 1.2.4 with Craftbukkit++ and spoutplugin. Flawless.
  • Made the new DenPatrol group and added the two new DP players into it. Voting was done via FaceBook group. Only two were suggested, none opposed. Welcome Count_Vallista and zeroatomve! Details of the DP group can be found on the Ranks page. 
  • Added in the anvil plugin and updated the /version and /plugins lists. Yes, these are manually setup, so hidden security plugins are kept from being seen by possible cheaters/hackers. And looks more pleasing as it's alphabetical and color-coded as high/low priority and what's suppose to be on the server, but currently not enabled. Fixed a few macros, missed one, /mcden is suppose to run the /warp mcden command. Added /sleep (or was it /sleeping, blah...) to see a list of who's in a bed and who is not.
  • Updated Dynmap today. New feature, set to remove IP from chat and enforce a weblogin. This pretty much means you need a login settup for the dynmap screen in order to chat. In order to make a login for dynmap: Must be a Member or higher, use '/dynmap webregister' ingame to setup your login details. I currently do not know what the web login registration looks like as I am unable to start spoutcraft.
Speaking of spoutcraft, those who are unable to even start it, you are not alone. SpoutCraft was working just fine yesterday, today, not even an error message. A discussion of this issue is on the getspout.org forums as this it being typed. Affross is already on the job.

Still working with the MoreMats (aka spoutmats) plugin. It works for the new CB and Spout updates, but so far, the dang textures are not showing up. Been trying to get HomeBlock to work, textures show, but right clicking on the block does nothing. Still haven't done any tests on the scrolls yet.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Server update details

The server is currently running spout now, not many features working as of yet.
Due to a Custom-Block bug on spout/spoutcraft, custom blocks do not work as of yet.
As soon as the enforcing plugin works, I plan to be enforcing users to use SpoutCraft starting this Saturday, March 24th.
When updating spout to the new MC 1.2.3 builds, there is currently no Recommended Build. You will have to manually select a developmental build.

To select a build:
  1. Start SpoutCraft, don't login.
  2. Click Options
  3. Click the dot next to Manual Build Selection
  4. In the drop down box at the top of the window, click the build stated as Latest.
    1. Currently, as I type this post, there is newer builds, but I have noticed an interesting chat screen bug. If you don't mind it, use the newer builds above Latest. You can always downgrade.
  5. Click Ok
  6. Click Login
  7. Let it update
  8. If your client works and you see the mainscreen, attempt to log into the server.
If you have any issues with the updates, as on the Spout forums or their IRC Chat for help.

I have been tweaking the permissions, hoping to be ready to re-enable certain plugins as they update.
Added a door (turstile) for DiamondDonators to access through to gain entry to the spawn area of animals. No charge other than donating to the server first.
Been working on the new theme for ideas and customized worlds.
Fixed the mob spawning in the worlds in general, I misplaced a 0 when setting the mobs per chunk.

Turttlez, a previous Member on the server, has been demoted to Guest. He has been causing drama/immature issues on the server from time to time. This is a good example of the age limit set on the server. No exceptions to new players wanting to join. If not 16 or older, will not be accepted. If later to find out they are not as they said, will be demoted to guest. The only exclusions is the players before the rules was put in and enforced.

I've noticed that the server Tips are going in order instead of at random. Will look at this after work.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh the funnies, always a laugh to read. Today: Interactive!

Today I've been working a little backend wise and catching up on MassEffect 2 (download content fun) before touching ME3. While idling on the server, keeping an eye out for tips that came up that needed fixing, and chatting with some of the players, a new guy popped on.
The first time he came on I got a large list of alt accounts. Screenshot below of second time login.

2012-03-16 18:39:03 trbmagic [] logged in with entity id 12705 at ([Earth] -210.5, 80.62000000476837, 222.5)
2012-03-16 18:39:03 [dynmap] Full/radius render pause set to true
2012-03-16 18:39:03 [dynmap] Pause full/radius renders - player limit reached
2012-03-16 18:39:11 trbmagic: who owns this server?
2012-03-16 18:39:18 F0ll3nHero: me
2012-03-16 18:39:18 LigerXT5: I do
2012-03-16 18:39:23 trbmagic: You do?
2012-03-16 18:39:26 F0ll3nHero: don't listen to him lol I do
2012-03-16 18:39:33 trbmagic: Um, how did you make it?
2012-03-16 18:39:35 LigerXT5: I do... F0, quiet
2012-03-16 18:39:45 F0ll3nHero: yes masta
2012-03-16 18:39:54 LigerXT5: As in how did I start it? CraftBukkit
2012-03-16 18:40:11 trbmagic: no - where did u get the IP to use>
2012-03-16 18:40:35 LigerXT5: I didn't choose it, my host did.
2012-03-16 18:40:48 trbmagic: host?
2012-03-16 18:40:54 LigerXT5: yes
2012-03-16 18:41:00 trbmagic: dya mean ur host?
2012-03-16 18:41:02 F0ll3nHero: you can either host the server on your own pc
2012-03-16 18:41:12 F0ll3nHero: or you can rent a server from someone
2012-03-16 18:41:16 LigerXT5: hostedgameservers.com
2012-03-16 18:41:19 F0ll3nHero: and have it hosted there
2012-03-16 18:41:29 trbmagic: did it cost money
2012-03-16 18:41:39 LigerXT5: For them to host it? Yes
2012-03-16 18:41:57 trbmagic: Darn. Anyways, what can id o to be a Mod?
2012-03-16 18:42:17 LigerXT5: No one can be mod other than those I choose.
2012-03-16 18:42:22 trbmagic: OK
2012-03-16 18:42:52 F0ll3nHero: yea me and Liger have been dating for 3 years and I didn't even get mod
2012-03-16 18:42:58 trbmagic: No I mean, is there something I can do?
2012-03-16 18:43:04 LigerXT5: F0....
2012-03-16 18:43:10 trbmagic: What?
2012-03-16 18:43:11 LigerXT5: Nope, we're good. Thanks.
2012-03-16 18:43:22 LigerXT5: Just ignor F0, he's a bit odd
2012-03-16 18:43:36 LigerXT5: ignore*
2012-03-16 18:43:36 F0ll3nHero: everyone is in their own way
2012-03-16 18:43:54 LigerXT5: well you're making it akward when new players pop on sometimes
2012-03-16 18:44:15 F0ll3nHero: this is the first time I have encountered a new comer on this server. :P
2012-03-16 18:44:32 LigerXT5: How about when you joined about a month ago?
2012-03-16 18:44:46 F0ll3nHero: I didn't join that long ago
2012-03-16 18:44:52 F0ll3nHero: I join like last week.
2012-03-16 18:45:02 [WorldInventories] Player trbmagic quit from world: Earth
2012-03-16 18:45:02 [WorldInventories] Saving inventory of trbmagic
2012-03-16 18:45:03 LigerXT5: 2-3 weeks ago roughly
2012-03-16 18:45:07 [MCBans] trbmagic has connected!
2012-03-16 18:45:07 trbmagic [] logged in with entity id 13105 at ([Earth] -245.69249972023613, 66.0, 278.43953346591303)
2012-03-16 18:45:21 trbmagic: forgot my manners - goodbye server
2012-03-16 18:45:29 trbmagic: 4ever....
2012-03-16 18:45:38 LigerXT5: You need to check
2012-03-16 18:45:42 F0ll3nHero: aawww he upset.
2012-03-16 18:45:44 LigerXT5: the mcbans list, you've got
2012-03-16 18:45:52 LigerXT5: a bad record of alt accounts/friends
2012-03-16 18:45:58 F0ll3nHero: me?
2012-03-16 18:45:58 trbmagic: lol, goodbye and have a nice, er, rest of ur life.....
2012-03-16 18:46:02 [WorldInventories] Player trbmagic quit from world: Earth
2012-03-16 18:46:02 [WorldInventories] Saving inventory of trbmagic

Thursday, March 15, 2012

DreamWars Setup

There has been discussions on the facebook group about setting up a new world due to the latest world generation update in MC 1.2.3, along with regions suddenly having snow.

Some ideas from Theme Thoughts will be implemented.

As some players recall, in the last update, nothing was carried over. This time everyone will be allowed to.
Everyone is allowed to teleport to and from this new world to transfer their materials and structures.
Structures and towns can by copied and pasted from one world to the other via WorldEdit.
Due to easy exploitation, only Mods and up are allowed to do this. Ask a mod about moving your stuff.
Next limitation, and everyone has agreed on this, only donators and up are allowed to move their structures from the old to the new world. Though, for now, only Mods and up will move their structures first. Then donator structures can be moved. If not a donator, but worked hard on something, ask a mod and we'll talk about it.

For the details of the new world. We have, per say, a battle plan.
  1. Using TerrainControl to generate world.
    1. Make certain features that show on certain layers (sky/ground depths) to be less predictable, and frequency of being found either more or less often.
  2. The new world will be created then Worldboarder set in. This boarder will be larger than the current world. 
    • Current world is 6144x6144, the new world will be 10240x10240
    • 1024 blocks distance is considered 1 level.
    • 5 levels from spawn (center) will be the boarder.
  3. Dynmap will force render all chunks up to the borders. This will be publicly viewed as a teaser.
  4. Mods and up will have first access to the new world. Choose their claims and move their structures over.
  5. Once the staff has finished, Donators will move their structures and stuff.
  6. Then Everyone else can move their stuff.
  1. DMZ, aka Neutral Zone, is 1 level wide. 512 blocks North and 512 South of spawn point.
  2. 2 1/2 levels out from there is considered the Wilderness Warzone.
  3. From there to the boarder, 2 levels, is a Nation territory.
  4. Boundries are as high/low/wide as the world/world-boarder allows. Distance from spawn is limited as stated.
  5. Rough sketch of boarders are on image below.
Three nations: North and South Nations (Unnamed at this time), and Neutral.
  1. The North and South nations are the Ninja and Pirate nations. Neutral is either both or none.
  2. All Towns belong to a nation. If not in a nation, no town. Towns can change sides once per month.
  3. Any players not in a nation can be considered rouge players. Nothing wrong with it. Just a theme idea.
  4. Players in either the North or South nation can not enter the other nation boundaries. Hence the worldguard region setup will have flag permissions to allow certain people through.
  5. Subways will be made to link long distances and regions. Show on image below.
Possible additions:
  1. Sewers will be added as chunks are generated.
  2. Using TerrainControl to build world. Doing so cuts out the MC World Generator and removes any bad chunk generations in the future while still using TC when/if the world is expanded.
  3. Using TC allows random structures/biomes to be generated. Ideas of random structures could be, but not limited to:
    1. Houses
    2. Monuments
    3. Special Tree formations
    4. Unique Biomes (no details yet).
    5. Suggestion? Ideas?

    More details to come.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Voting for MCDen

    Voting for MCDen not only gives good points for it, it also ranks us up and more likely to have more active players.
    Plus you get McDough!

    The following sites allows for voting,
    sends details back to the server of who and granting the player their reward!

    MCDen - [16+Mature] - Survival+Creative+Towny+Griefing+PVP
    View MCDen - [16+Mature] - Survival+Creative+Towny+Griefing+PVP
    Click the 'Vote for them as top server' link, then type in the captcha, your Player Name, then submit..

    Type In your MC Name, Type the Captcha, then click Good!


    Click the red thumbs up and a new page will load. Type your username in the first field followed by the captcha image words. Then click vote.

    Minecraft Server MCDen
    On the right side, click Vote for this Server, a field will show, type your username and click Vote.

    On the right side click the vote option, answer the question, type your Player name, then submit.

    Type in the captcha and click Yes. Direct server listing page.

    Scroll down the page a few lines and click the orange button stating Vote For This Server. Type in your name, the captcha, then click vote. Done.

    Following sites do NOT refer back to the server. No Reward.

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    Theme Rules

    Theme rules are as the name implies. The worst case is being jailed for a period of time.

    Suggestions? I have some theme rules thought up, under /themerules.
    These rules will be enforce on May 1st.
    Server Staff are not upset with you for breaking these rules, but manipulating loop hole and laughing about it is looked down upon.. These rules are here to challenge the players.

    Server Rules

    Theme Rules:

    1. Punishments of Offenses will be either warned or Jailed.
      1. Jail Timer runs in RL time.
    2. Griefing, raiding, and Theft is permitted in unprotected areas.
      1. Players can request investigations.
      2. If Caught: 15-60min Jail Time.
      3. DiamondDonators will not be mentioned in reports. As in "Undetected".
        1. Suggest not messing with /staff member structures. :)
    3. Towns, nations, and regions can have their own set of rules
      1. All Towns are required to have their own set of rules visible at '/t spawn' location.
        1. Note to Mayors: Town Spawn can be moved. Must be in Home Plot. Home plot can be also changed.
      2. Mayors have the right to jail (in their own jail) players for breaking their town/nation rules. Any issues can be discussed by server staff.
        1. Jail time can NOT exceed 60Minutes.
    4. Warps have prices upon use and creation to force adventuring.
      1. Forces people to play the game a bit more as intended.
      2. Known bug disabling this feature.
    5. Do not ask/beg to be reimbursed for lost items upon Death or Theft.
      1. Ignorance of not reading this rule will not be excused.
    6. Every Town must belong to one of thee Nations. Nation1, Nation2, MCDen
      1. MCDen Nation is Neutral and Open to all NEW Towns. 
      2. Any towns joining a Nation other than MCDen nation cannot join/rejoin MCDen nation.
      3. Deleting then recreating a new town must have a 1 week time-span before creating a new town.
    7. Caught having or using certain items/features/areas will result in:
      1. Monster Spawner Automated Farm: 20min Jail - Area filled in with Obsidian. Spawner left in place and untouched.
      2. TNT: 60min Jail - TNT confiscated by Nearest Nation. (Calculated by player closest to which Nation Boarder.

    Friday, March 9, 2012

    No Dropdown Builds in SpoutCraft Options

    As we begin moving back into using spout and spoutcraft on the server, I, and a few others, had a unique issue with spoutcraft.

    If you start spoutcraft and want to select a Non-Recommended build to use, let's say no RB for 1.2.3 as of yet, which at this time there isn't, all you had to do was start spoutcraft, click options before logging in, select manual build selection, then select your build in the drop down list.

    What if that list is EMPTY?
    A: You didn't wait long enough for it to refresh, or as I put it, Update the list.

    I spent nearly a day thinking it was my firewall or something. Then while typing something up on getspout.com forums, I had the options screen open on my second monitor. I glanced at it to quote something and noticed the list updated. I closed spoutcraft, started, went to options, list was empty. Waited a minute, then it updated.

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Spout and Spoutcraft update

    Spout and Spoutcraft has been updated to MC 1.2.3.
    Starting Saturday, it will be required all users use SpoutCraft to keep their Member status on the server.

    Why the delay? On my main computer, I am having issues getting SpoutCraft access to their servers to update. My laptop works. Looking into what's going on. Thought it was firewall. So far, it's not. Still tinkering.

    Spout Enforcement delayed due to warping/teleporting/spawning not loading chunks for players.

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012


    As we updated to 1.2.3 quite eagerly, there is a lot of stuff needing fixed. Though many I could have fixed then and there, some stuff I could not until a release of updates for the plugins, or finding new, actively updated, plugins.

    Here I'll post a list of issues on the server needing fixed and/or redone:

    • Redo permissions once the plugin situation is cleared up. Too many perms no longer in use or plugins being changed out.
    • Re-evaluate the Donator and Diamond Donator permissions and features
    • Add in Skylands - Waiting on TerrainControl to be updated.
    • Add in Mining World - Waiting on TerrainControl to be updated and Spout + MoreMats be updated.
    • Finish the "database" of materials and items in MoreMats
    • Finish setting up Flags in WorldGuard areas regarding Subway System.
    • Alter the prices of Using and Creating Warps
    • Look into fixing the Warp Creation limits.
      • Also discuss the limits of warps for each Member, Donator, and DiamondDonator groups.
    • Catacombs dungeons updated
      • Tweak the config to keep the monsters challenging, but not terribly overkill for single person runs.
      • Make sure Supercape orbs are appearing in Catacomb dungeon Final Chests as intended.
      • Place more Catacomb dungeons around the worlds. Aiming for 20-25 in total.
    • SpawnTown to be renamed to MCDen
      • Rename all LigerXT5, except the store I'd like to run, to town-MCDen.
      • Fill in chests that are currently below half-full to with their respective items.
        • Note: Once they are sold out, admins will not fill them back up. Someone has to sell to the shop to keep it going.
    • Redo the price chart. Fixing some pricing concerns set it up in a way a player can buy base items, make something, then sell it, and make some profit. Currently, you can not.
    • MoneyDrop - Change out the money-item dropped from mobs when killed. 
      • Doing so to increase the price of gold as currently gold nuggets drop and players could exploit this.
      • Using Spout to have a Coin that is dropped from mobs.
    • Restructure the Server Staff.
      • Discussing about having a new Mod group, some-what less powerful than the current mods. We are in need of more active, mature, mods for when the current mods are not online. I would prefer there to be at least 1 mod on at all times. This one mod group will be exempt from the "Only RL friends of LigerXT5 can be staff" policy. Mods will not be promoted up.
      • Structure idea is: Mods > sMods > SubAdmin > Admin

    Anything I missed, post here as a comment or post in Minecraft Den on FB.

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    MC 1.1 to MC 1.2.3

    As we are updating, I'll make changes to this post to let everyone know.
    Teleporting of any kind other than /tpa is out until their respective plugins are updated. This includes multiverse worlds.
    All users will have to use Vanilla MC until Spoutcraft has some builds for 1.2.3, which at this time, there is none.

    The update conversion from 1.1 world files will take a long time. Quick run test on my pc took an hour and a half to do.

    Update 1:
    My mistake. Tried to make a copy of the world Earth and moved it instead while server was running. Due to no real way of backing up without downloading it all in a half hour, will commence without it. If something comes up, will revert, again, to March 1st 3am backup.

    Update 2:
    Conversion has started at 3:45pm CST (-06:00 GMT). Only one world is set to be converted. Earth. Nether is deleted to be started fresh. Creative is disabled as it is not a Vanilla world.

    Update 3:
    Roughly 3 minutes per 10%. Earth should be useable by 4:15pm, give or take.

    Update 4:
    Reading list of known plugins working/not-working. Seems like register, which is required to use economy for towns, is down. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aqs52FA0nBfRdFRjcXMzNWpMU0dGcEtMR2RTWjRiWlE#gid=0

    Update 5:
    At 50% at 3:58pm

    Update 6:
    Thinking about getting the mumble voice server re-setup for the server...
    Mumble Download: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
    Currently setting it up.

    Update 7:
    Mumble set up, and client installed on my computer.
    Issues? Yep. Forgot mike doesn't work.

    Update 8:
    Conversion done at 4:13pm.
    Testing server before saying it's safe to join.

    Update 9:
    Forgot to remove some shortcut folders to old worlds. Deleted. Restarted server. Need to download Infinite plots for Multiverse. Done. Removed xwarps as it's not working either way right now. Restarting again.

    Update 10:
    Chunk loads are scaring me, but looks safe for others to join.
    Remember, SpoutCraft has no builds for current MC 1.2.3 as of yet. Will have to use vanilla MC for now.

    Update 11: 3-3-2012
    Plugins slowly being updated, xWarps are now working. Keeping an eye out for updates and setting them up as they come out.

    In the attempt of updating, make sure your backups are recent

    After trying to update the server, many features were lost, along with a crud load of STONE blocks.
    Reverting to backup. Upload will take a while. Going to bed while uploading about 1GB of info to the server.

    Plugins not working:
    All teleporting except /tpa
    All spout is down. Will be running once we get 1.2.x working.
    Multiverse for custom worlds are down.
    Lampstone is down and most-likely out.

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    CB 1.1 RB6 a possible bad egg.

    For now, our server will be staying on RB4 until an RB for MC 1.2.2 has been released.

    Too many plugins are not ready for RB6 and trying to run RB6 on our server fails to even start.

    We will wait until an RB of MC 1.2.2 for two facts: Bugs fixed with CB and hopefully by then most of our plugins are ready to be updated.

    In other news, we had our first donation through BuyCraft. Thanks! Many more donations needed to help keep the server up. Need about $20 a month to cover the server. May not seem like much, but paying for the server while in college does have some impact. More donations than $20 will allow us to up the player cap for more players!