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Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Running 80%, Spout soon to come

Server seems to be running smoothly. I've been doing some tweaks here and there. One tweak I will have to do is a remake of the main part of the Green House at MCDen Town. With all the glass and vines, it seems to cause a fair bit of FPS Lag when you are close enough to load the chunks.

Spout in general is getting close, close enough to use on the server almost. We are not using SpoutPlugin nor suggesting SpoutCraft at this time. SpoutPlugin causes a bug (Assuming with Spigot) to cause a restart. SpoutCraft is useable, but the item UI is bugged. Seen below.

I will have to edit a fair number of config files (each spout item) for MoreMatierals as they have updated their plugin to the point that the old config style is non-readable for them. Items I know that is affected is the Letter, Numbers, and Symbols. I know there are others, but I can't recall off hand. As far as I know, all spout blocks and items work and load fine, just a small edit to the configs is all that is needed.

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