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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Theme notes, thoughts, and rants

For now, this page will be filled with random thoughts of what the theme on the server might be.
Last Update: 2-17-2012

New World relating to theme ideas

Land distance will be ran in Levels. 1Level = 1024 blocks.

As it will be a theme for the server, as a game, there will be two sets of rules.
  • The Normal Server Rules, you break, in long term jail time or perm-ban.
  • The Theme Rules. You break the rules, the territory you were in will punish you how they think you should.
    • Implement a rank-up prison area. Got the idea from Killion Detention Center video posted on the MC Forums Main Page. Simple put, break the rules/laws of the territory, you are put in their prison and must rank up through the ranks to leave or wait for the time to run out. Simple put: In prison for a week, want out sooner, work for it. If in prison for an hour, could just wait it out.
    • For the time being, as I don't see anyone going right at it to set their own up, I will begin work on the Global Prison for/in the Neutral Nation.
Theme rules are not regulated by server staff unless the staff maintain that area. General Theme rules are. Nations/Towns can regulate their own rules, even ignore certain ones in their own boundaries.
If the territory rule is very ridiculous, which at this time no idea for examples, S-Mods and Admins will discuss and decide upon it.

Plans of having at least 2-3 Nation groups. Two separate and a Neutral Nation. Depending on activity of the server, there will be a max of 3 or 4 nations at most. For now, two plus neutral nation.

A new world is being planned. Due to MC updates, newly generated chunks are not matching up with older MC chunks. A new world will be much larger and all chunks will be force-generated to world boundaries.
The two nations will occupy two sides of the world with a section down the center as the DMZ zone, where the neutral nation will occupy along with towns/players that wish not to be in the war zones. The slit of land will be 1lvl wide and as far as the world boundaries go. Following after the DMZ will be 2 1/2 levels of nation PVP war. Then 2lvls of Nation territory. In the respective nation territories, only the players of that nation can enter. An image of this layout will be made out later.

The server will be more survival-ish than before. No More PVP Toggle. Only areas where PVP is disabled are set as such. WorldGuard and Towny areas.
I'm still working on getting xwarps to work like it should. No One should be able to make more than a total of 10 warps per player once I get things set up theme wise. (not counting the /home teleport).

Decisions of entwining  rTriggers and xWarp to replace the home features. Still the same, just cleaner, less plugins in the end.
Use of rTriggers with xWarps would be simple.
A macro linked to /home would run /warp home<triggerer> = Warping to warp: HomeLigerXT5
/homeset would run /warp createp home<triggerer> = Creating a private warp: HomeLigerXT5
/homedelete would run /warp delete home<triggerer> = Deletes the warp. A feature a few have requested.
/homeupdate would run /warp update home<triggerer> = Change location and where you are looking when /home is used.
These are just macros, the owner of the private home warp could use the warp commands to invite players to his home-warp.
Planning to remove /home and use Home Blocks.

Theme beginning style is simple at start.

As a new player to the server, (not counting the New-Player Info Room), you spawn in, awakening in an enclosed dock. You don't know anything. Who you are, where you came from, etc. You begin to look around for other people, as there are structures all around. The people welcome you and try to help you. You are unsure what to do, but to explore and advance in this new world.

That's about as far as I've gotten.

The server would seem more like a role-playing kind in some form. If the player is partnered to a nation at war with another, you are prone to being attacked by the enemy.

Use of the towny chat will be implemented.
Nations/towns can regulate how chat is done. This is no longer managed by the server, to an extent. Global chat is monitored for spam, swearing, racism, etc.
Unsure if I want to enable towny chat effects or not.

Would prefer nation commanders (exception of neutral) not be server staff, but with current server activity, nothing can be done. From the looks of it, a couple mods will be nation commanders.

Implementing back some of the minecraft feel back. Make a trap to kill a mob? Items will now drop. But constantly farming items for cash will look down upon. As in, idling continuously while items come to you will not be permitted. If caught, will be jailed for a few Real Life Hours.

Current Thought for Theme Style: Modern Day (or ninjas if you'd like) Nation vs Pirate Nation. In between for those who are unsure, a neutral nation. Unsure what to call it at the moment.

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