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Friday, March 2, 2012

MC 1.1 to MC 1.2.3

As we are updating, I'll make changes to this post to let everyone know.
Teleporting of any kind other than /tpa is out until their respective plugins are updated. This includes multiverse worlds.
All users will have to use Vanilla MC until Spoutcraft has some builds for 1.2.3, which at this time, there is none.

The update conversion from 1.1 world files will take a long time. Quick run test on my pc took an hour and a half to do.

Update 1:
My mistake. Tried to make a copy of the world Earth and moved it instead while server was running. Due to no real way of backing up without downloading it all in a half hour, will commence without it. If something comes up, will revert, again, to March 1st 3am backup.

Update 2:
Conversion has started at 3:45pm CST (-06:00 GMT). Only one world is set to be converted. Earth. Nether is deleted to be started fresh. Creative is disabled as it is not a Vanilla world.

Update 3:
Roughly 3 minutes per 10%. Earth should be useable by 4:15pm, give or take.

Update 4:
Reading list of known plugins working/not-working. Seems like register, which is required to use economy for towns, is down. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aqs52FA0nBfRdFRjcXMzNWpMU0dGcEtMR2RTWjRiWlE#gid=0

Update 5:
At 50% at 3:58pm

Update 6:
Thinking about getting the mumble voice server re-setup for the server...
Mumble Download: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
Currently setting it up.

Update 7:
Mumble set up, and client installed on my computer.
Issues? Yep. Forgot mike doesn't work.

Update 8:
Conversion done at 4:13pm.
Testing server before saying it's safe to join.

Update 9:
Forgot to remove some shortcut folders to old worlds. Deleted. Restarted server. Need to download Infinite plots for Multiverse. Done. Removed xwarps as it's not working either way right now. Restarting again.

Update 10:
Chunk loads are scaring me, but looks safe for others to join.
Remember, SpoutCraft has no builds for current MC 1.2.3 as of yet. Will have to use vanilla MC for now.

Update 11: 3-3-2012
Plugins slowly being updated, xWarps are now working. Keeping an eye out for updates and setting them up as they come out.

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