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Friday, March 9, 2012

No Dropdown Builds in SpoutCraft Options

As we begin moving back into using spout and spoutcraft on the server, I, and a few others, had a unique issue with spoutcraft.

If you start spoutcraft and want to select a Non-Recommended build to use, let's say no RB for 1.2.3 as of yet, which at this time there isn't, all you had to do was start spoutcraft, click options before logging in, select manual build selection, then select your build in the drop down list.

What if that list is EMPTY?
A: You didn't wait long enough for it to refresh, or as I put it, Update the list.

I spent nearly a day thinking it was my firewall or something. Then while typing something up on getspout.com forums, I had the options screen open on my second monitor. I glanced at it to quote something and noticed the list updated. I closed spoutcraft, started, went to options, list was empty. Waited a minute, then it updated.

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