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Thursday, March 15, 2012

DreamWars Setup

There has been discussions on the facebook group about setting up a new world due to the latest world generation update in MC 1.2.3, along with regions suddenly having snow.

Some ideas from Theme Thoughts will be implemented.

As some players recall, in the last update, nothing was carried over. This time everyone will be allowed to.
Everyone is allowed to teleport to and from this new world to transfer their materials and structures.
Structures and towns can by copied and pasted from one world to the other via WorldEdit.
Due to easy exploitation, only Mods and up are allowed to do this. Ask a mod about moving your stuff.
Next limitation, and everyone has agreed on this, only donators and up are allowed to move their structures from the old to the new world. Though, for now, only Mods and up will move their structures first. Then donator structures can be moved. If not a donator, but worked hard on something, ask a mod and we'll talk about it.

For the details of the new world. We have, per say, a battle plan.
  1. Using TerrainControl to generate world.
    1. Make certain features that show on certain layers (sky/ground depths) to be less predictable, and frequency of being found either more or less often.
  2. The new world will be created then Worldboarder set in. This boarder will be larger than the current world. 
    • Current world is 6144x6144, the new world will be 10240x10240
    • 1024 blocks distance is considered 1 level.
    • 5 levels from spawn (center) will be the boarder.
  3. Dynmap will force render all chunks up to the borders. This will be publicly viewed as a teaser.
  4. Mods and up will have first access to the new world. Choose their claims and move their structures over.
  5. Once the staff has finished, Donators will move their structures and stuff.
  6. Then Everyone else can move their stuff.
  1. DMZ, aka Neutral Zone, is 1 level wide. 512 blocks North and 512 South of spawn point.
  2. 2 1/2 levels out from there is considered the Wilderness Warzone.
  3. From there to the boarder, 2 levels, is a Nation territory.
  4. Boundries are as high/low/wide as the world/world-boarder allows. Distance from spawn is limited as stated.
  5. Rough sketch of boarders are on image below.
Three nations: North and South Nations (Unnamed at this time), and Neutral.
  1. The North and South nations are the Ninja and Pirate nations. Neutral is either both or none.
  2. All Towns belong to a nation. If not in a nation, no town. Towns can change sides once per month.
  3. Any players not in a nation can be considered rouge players. Nothing wrong with it. Just a theme idea.
  4. Players in either the North or South nation can not enter the other nation boundaries. Hence the worldguard region setup will have flag permissions to allow certain people through.
  5. Subways will be made to link long distances and regions. Show on image below.
Possible additions:
  1. Sewers will be added as chunks are generated.
  2. Using TerrainControl to build world. Doing so cuts out the MC World Generator and removes any bad chunk generations in the future while still using TC when/if the world is expanded.
  3. Using TC allows random structures/biomes to be generated. Ideas of random structures could be, but not limited to:
    1. Houses
    2. Monuments
    3. Special Tree formations
    4. Unique Biomes (no details yet).
    5. Suggestion? Ideas?

    More details to come.

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