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Friday, September 14, 2012

Minecart Mania Offline, World To World Climbing/Falling

I would like to put this small notification out to the viewers:
If you are not here about our MineCraft Game Server, then please, do not complain about not a lot of detail about the posts if they do not pertain to you. This Blog is a simple news system I use for the users who do not use FaceBook or do not wish to join our FaceBook group.

Minecart Mania works, just one small issue I do not like. It overrides the Powered Rails. Simply put, if you use the Powered Rail normally, they would stop your cart when powered, and not boost either powered or unpowered. I'm tinkering with the config, but I might as well ask the author instead. I've figured it out in the past, I don't recall how to now.

I have been recently working on setting up a way for players who climb too high, or fall too low, will be teleported to the next world. Falling: The_End > Skylands > OverWorld > Nether is currently setup. The other way around, climbing, currently does not work. There is many plugins on doing all this, I first attempted Inception, and it's far too complicated in what I need. I just need a simple plugin that I can set up which world is above the other and when a player reaches Y coordinate, they teleport to the next world. We are currently using ForeverFalling, though all it manages is falling. I'm keeping an eye out for a different one. The plugin we used to use on one of our previous world systems was v10verlap, which the other dumped and made Inception. It works when going too low, but the height part seems tricky.

In other news, there seems to be some bugs with MCJobs. When ever someone edits or joins, the server log is spammed with error about moving this or that event to MCJobs. As far as I know, everyone is being paid. If I am wrong on this, tell me. I don't get many /calladmin or /mail notices about issues.

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