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Monday, September 10, 2012

Minecart Mania Has Returned!

As many veteran players on the server recall, we used to have MineCartMania last year. A new author has returned taken the challenge of bringing back the famous plugin. Sure there is TrainCarts, but some of us liked how MineCartMania simpleness worked.

I am going to make a few features limited. AutoFarming will be limited to Server Staff Creation, while still leaving it to Members to run them when stock starts to run slow. This is due to past experiences of many and/or large complex farms causing lagg out the whazoo.

The plugins are currently installed. Untested and no permissions are set. I will be working on this after my last class today. IF I can't access the server properly from my apartment, and a few calls to my ISP, I will have to rely on everyone to test ingame. If it comes down to it, I'll have to think of tethering my 3G phone to my computer network...

Details of MineCartMania:

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