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Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Updates and Fixes

As we all know, after the update to MC 1.3.2, many things went on vacation on the server, along with player activity. As no one can log into any server as the login servers are Mojang has gone wonky, I did some back end work while I could. I updated MCJobs that came out today and had to redo some of the configs. I'm sure I over looked some jobs in the Show Every Time part. So if you join a job that spams your chat about doing part of your job, let me know. I also had to clear out everyone's data files for MCJobs. Everyone will have to rejoin their jobs. All updates to MCJobs can be found on their page here.

I've added a side panel to the right of the blog here so others can see dynmap. I still need to fix a few things on dynmap for the side, but so far, looks good. Need to fix the button at the bottom left along with global warps showing by default.

Stats, as linked in the Navigation bar above, is acting a little odd. Either it's not tracking everything, or the data isn't being sent to the database correctly.

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