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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moving came to a screeching halt...

Server Whitelist Disabled! Everyone may enter and play. Whitelisting will be used again if I find a good host that I can at least upload everything and run smoothly in the first get-go.

So moving to our new host was a joke. Staying with HGS for now.
We WERE going to move to Redstonehost.com, but their lack in responses to my tickets, such as why has McMyAdmin stopped working, why can't I get it to start up, and their advertisements of 40GB harddrive space is a joke. I can upload my main world in .zip (around 750MB) and while unzipping it, I suddenly run our of harddrive space. That's just one world.

I have sent in many tickets with no responses, except the one I sent before buying asking for the server location. Their live chat has been "OFFLINE" for more than 36 hours, I never even seen it ONLINE when visiting before.

The servers I'm looking for must have this:
2GB ram (Burst optional, but would be nice)
Allow up to 20-25 slots
100Mbs Upload
SSH and FTP access. Even permissions to at least wget our files and unzip them
20GB harddrive space or more.
Quick ticket response, real live chat support.
Up to $28 a month, good discounts on quarterly, semi-annual, annually - Though may seem like a rip off, but I've seen many other hosts charge with nearly the same specs above, but lacking key features.

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