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Friday, August 10, 2012

Updates at a standstill

We are staying with Hosted Game Servers as our host. I've done some number crunching, and asked HGS what their formula is for the following details.

We plan to up our slots to 16. At $2 a slot, that is $32 per month. With this, our ram will be upped to about 1.3GB.
I plan to order a boost of 400MB ram. At an extra $5 a month.
That comes to $37 a month for 16 slots at about 1.7GB ram.

I've asked what our average income is from the Referral link I posted a few times on the net. In the last or week, I've noted we made about $5-6. Using that as a rough guess on income of Referrals, that's about, let's say $12 a month. That takes us down to $20 a month.

If we pay at 3 or 6 month times, which I plan to do it 6 months, we will get, I think, I sent an e-mail asking, 10% discount. I can be way off on this, I honestly do not recall. I assume they will do that discount before the referral credits. We will get $3.70 deducted from out total.

As I was talking to them in our last e-mail, since we have been with them for over a year, and plan to be with them longer, we MIGHT get a 5% discount as well. Assuming again, this 5% deduction will be taken before referral credits. But if this is added to the pay period choice, such as 10%+5% means we get a 15% deduction, or it's 5% deduction after the 10% deduction is unknown. I've asked this too. For now, I'm going with the 15%. That means we will get  $5.55 off instead of the $3.70 of our total.

I'm liking these differences.

To go with what was going on above. $37 per month, times 6 months is $222 total.

Minus $5.55 in 15% deductions putting us at 216.45. Then lastly the average of $12 a month from referrals, times 6, giving $72 in our last deduction. Leaving us at $144.50 to pay per 6 months.

The only thing I didn't count in is the donations. These, in the last couple months, spiked much more than what I'm used to seeing. I'm not going to bother averaging them because I have no clue how often we will keep getting donations. We received about $125 in donations during June and July. I'd go look to be certain on this, but as I'm typing this in notepad; internet at my apartment keeps going out. If, by some means, we get Donations of $25 or more per month, no money needs to come out of my pocket. Leaving me space to keep my bills payed up and less hours at work, especially since college classes for me are starting this 20th.

Right now, money isn't really that tight. But I did have to dip into my savings to get the apartment I'm in right now when it came open before someone else took it. For those who do not know. Finding a home or apartment that isn't quickly taken by workers in the Oil Boom where I live is hard, finding one worth the money, is much harder. I got damn lucky finding one that someone was just moving out at $400 a month and was more than twice the size of my dorm room. As far as I can guess, it's about twice the size of my suit in my dorm. I've got a roommate to pay half the rent and half the utilities. Utilities are about $100-180 a month for electric, heating (gas), and internet. Internet here is $48 a month, so the rest varies on use. So now you see what all I'm working with and why some of the donations seems high.

On the donations, why some don't seem to "worthy", and I keep explaining, I'm trying not to get people powers or permissions that give far too much of an upper hand in playing on the server, just because they have the money to throw out the window while others are not so lucky.

The next couple projects I will be working on, after we get our slot and ram boost, is setting up the server shops for donators in the hidden store, and setting up worlds for players who have donated $50.

The Player worlds, as I will be calling them for players who donated $50; I have a concern on how they are done, permissions wise. I don't know if I want to set them up where only the owner can access them, that's the lazy way. Or set up a complex system where the owner can edit, but anyone he accepts in, can't do much than walk and talk. I am on the prowl for a plugin that can do this better, but the only one I've seen is still greatly in a WIP. I might have to make some requests, or even pay someone to make a plugin to allow this, or just give them a free Tier 5 donator spot for doing this for us.

Update: ----=====----
E-mail from HGS of what they do for the discounts and such:
For 16 slots and 400MB is 31.90/month * 6 = 191.40.
The semiannual discount is 10%. Then the 5% added. [15% off would be 28.71]
The total would be 191.40-28.71[...]=$162.69 for 6 months.

So our total per month would be 27.11 per month. As long as we get about 25-30 in donations per month, we should be doing great. I'm currently adding donation selections for items and such. Check the donations page, I've updated some stuff and tweaked a couple things. I also do not allow paying to be unbanned anymore. The unjailing you can still pay for. Will be useful for when people are banned for the theme rules when they begin to be enforced.  Once we update to MC 1.3.x (possible 1.3.2 coming out soon, so CB and Spout has delayed any and all updates), I'll setup a donation for 3 blocks of Emeralds for $5. You will not be buying the emeralds from the bank, you can sell them for McDough, I might even setup a storage/banking system for the emeralds. This I'm still debating on.

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