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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RAM Demands Server Over Haul!

Due to issues of server performance going done in the last MC/CB updates, we're doing an overhaul on the plugins. Many will be removed, replaced, tweaked, or possibly not even touched.

Many less used plugins will be removed. If only a user, or two, uses a plugin, like JSONAPI for their iPhone connection to the server, will be removed. Many plugins will be left to the server either for security or large importance or use. Such examples would be Spout/SpoutCraft and Dynmap.

A couple nights ago I have removed 15 plugins. A few of which I can either replace with others, or just not used by much.

We would upgrade to more memory or slots, but with the limitations of HGS for current upgrades, are not feasible with current donation and referral income. Please note we pay $2 per slot, and when paying for 6 months, we get a 10% discount. Not counting donations and referral, that's $108 or $18 a month.
We last payed for 3 months, in the end, only I had to pay $12, not bad. I'm not aiming for not paying for the server at all, but such would be quite helpful. Not every person donates every month, but I spend a lot of time to make sure the plugins and the server stays up and running at all times. I don't expect to get paid, but expect not to spend much out of my own pocket. I would like to aim for not paying for more than 1/4 (about $25) of the server for the 6 months. If we can do this, not only will it help keep the server up, if we are donated more, upgrades to the server will be possible and could happen. If anything, the extra would be carried over to the next bill payment.

I have been looking around at other hosts, a couple has caught my attention, but either their servers are full, or how they calculate stuff is a bit screwy. many base their calculations on either Slots or Ram, then jack up the price on other needless features. We don't use Vent on our server, but it's "free". I'm tempted of asking for a discount it's removal. Some hosts charge more for plugins, let alone if you use CB. I even saw a host that would limit the server to 100GB of data network use.

I like the whole backup every day, some server backup only once a week ( a lot can happen in just a day ). Some servers only allow one port, the MC port. No Dynmap, no plugins that allows seeing other details, like MilkAdmin or Chest Shop. Even some servers only limit you to harddrive space. This I can truely understand. Large worlds take up space. Our main world, Earth, I think is taking up 200MB, I think, I'd have to double check.

With all the interesting complications, I'd rather just host the server myself. But I live in the dorms where the internet fluctuates far too much, let alone we've had a few internet and power outages. Once I move out, I'm limited to where I live for internet. Cities sound great, taxes and rent not so much. Smaller towns are good enough for me, but internet is either expensive or not high priority to the ISP. Too much to gamble along for a decent yet reliable server.

After I post this, I will begin going through the plugins list, putting notes next to plugins either being removed, or kept for certain events. The point I'm looking at is no more than 50 plugins, top.
Server Hosts Suggestions Are Welcomed. Currently interested in Envious Host if we do move from HGS.

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