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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why Use Spout for Security?

I'll get the whole chat log (minus the other server log details) later. But a quick screenshot of a recent issue.

He followed the procedure to join and have membership by agreeing to the rules and getting spout.
Then he kept getting disconnected with SpoutCraft. He'd get on his Vanilla MC then have issues getting Membership again. We kept telling him he has to use SpoutCraft. After about 30-45 mins, the chat in the image happened. He is now banned and reported to MCBans.

His X-Ray mod or such was causing connection issues with Spout.


  1. 1. His xray mod didn't "cause connection issues with Spout". Nothing caused connection issues with spout. Maybe something cause connection issues to the server. It wasn't his xray. It was that he didn't have Spout.. 2. he wasn't "reported" to MCBans.com. He was banned. Just leave it at that. No need to try to use a big vocabulary you lack.

  2. 1. He claimed he had laggy issues with Spout. Then attempt to agree to the rules, even though he wasn't following them, as they state you are required to use spoutcraft.
    2. Granted his report did not go to MCBans.com as they were having issues, and I've talked to them about the issue on IRC. The errors related to chunks not loading properly to his spoutcraft client, which is questionable, yes, but we came down to the idea he was attempting to mod his spoutcraft like you would vanilla minecraft.
    When he first got on, he didn't have issues, as soon as he got spout, he didn't have issues. Shortly after, he had issues out the wazzu.
    3. Read the chat in the image. He admitted to trying to use X-Ray. End of Story.

  3. What a spout hater that guy is...