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Monday, January 9, 2012

Scam e-mail joke anyone?

MCBans has been having some issues, but after this e-mail, I laughed, not at MCBans, but to the e-mail's sender.
Quote: Note: Do not follow any of the links here. Visit mcbans.com for all TRUE information needed.


Just got this in my email.

Dear user who's information was definitely NOT compromised.,

We are writing to inform you that there was absolutely NO breach in our "extensive" security measures that could allow your personal information and all the API keys to be leaked, because of this we DO NOT suggest you change yourmcbans.com password. This breach DID NOT affect anyone. If your Minecraft password is the same as any password you use for MCBans you should not give a fuck. Our server is protected by an expired version of Norton Antivirus from 2007 and thus is absolutely hacker-proof.

For further support go to support.mcbans.com and open a ticket or contact us on IRC at irc://irc.esper.net:55s5 on #mcbans or #yesyourinformationwascompromised. You may verify that your information WAS NOT COMPROMISED by searching for it in our uncompromised database which we have temporarily mirrored publicly for verification purposes:


As you should see, your information is still in our uncompromised database and thus has not been stolen.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and use of mcbans.com

and we apologize for any inconvenience this has not caused. Rest assured that if there ever were a breach of our systems, the kind Nigerian prince who funds our operation would be more than willing to offer you 7 figure restitution if you can just help him out a bit. Hell, he's probably about to make you this offer just because he loves you.

I hope you all want Viagra because our associates have plenty to sell.

Kind Regards,

The MCBans Badministration Totalitarian Regime and F├╝hrer Firestar

- Firestar likes cocks.
- Denial is the best security measure ever and lying through your teeth is the truest display of integrity.
- Also, we have never ever been hacked, if someone claims otherwise they are bullshitting you.
- And to re-iterate once more, Firestar likes cocks.

IRC logs extracted from a server that was NOT hacked:
03:56 <REDACTED> So when are you gonna send the maillist?
03:56 <REDACTED> I need it right now
03:56 <Firestarthe> Wait a sec
03:57 <REDACTED> Okay
03:58 <Firestarthe> Here you go, LINK REDACTED
03:58 <REDACTED> Thanks
03:59 <REDACTED> Enjoy the bitcoins

End Quote

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