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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cropping + WorldBorder = Saved Space

So after spending about 4 hours downloading the 700+MB world, attempting multiple ways of saving the whole USED area as a schematic so I can paste it in a new world with the same seed; then making a new world with the same seed, wonder around enough so I can match up the new land with the old, so new generated chunks would line up and not look out of place; then finally pasting the pieces together and saving it all. I managed to save about 500MB of space.
The original world before was 700+MB, the new world, 239MB. Put WorldBorder in-place, now the world shouldn't get too large for backing up.

Next step: Update the plugin details on here...


  1. Nice tip, will forward it onto my minecraft mates, their worlds are getting huge atm