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Monday, June 6, 2011

Timeline in 3 weeks, give or take it cooperates.

I've talked to some of the moderators on the server and we came down to a decision. If the server doesn't goof up on plugins in the next three weeks, we'll open the server to a few people at a time.

Once they have joined and seem mature enough to accept joining our server as players, they will be promoted from the first rank to the second, which is Outsiders. Given basic permissions. Enough to start building and have fun. After some time and no issues, with reasonable play time, then promoted to full member. The Member group will have some more advanced permissions and freedom. From there, the last promotion, if given, it temporary.
By this, you donate $2, that pays for one slot on the server for one month, gives you higher priority of joining the server, and further advanced permissions. After one month, you are demoted back down to your original ranking. If you were in the outsider group, donations will not promote you until you are a member, then you will get your one month Donator promotion. We decided on this to help stop new players joining, getting a high rank and start causing problems. Of course, there are money returns, but only if you haven't been promoted for donator for 5 days. I thought one week would be too much since 1 week is 1/4 of a month.

That's the general idea. For now, I need to sit down, re-organize the permissions. Nothing major, just putting the permissions in each group into alphabetized order so I can tell at a glance if a group has x.y.z permissions or not.
Then I'm going to sit down with the xwarps plugin and dynmap to fix some errors that they show at reload and startup of the server. They still work, but xwarp is out of date, but does what I want it to do. Dynmap, well, I'm playing with test versions of it before they are officially released. I love tinkering with that plugin! I'm still waiting on Citizens to update and fully work on 1.6.6 with permissions, same with worldguard... Hmm...
After that, put some color into my rtriggers config for the randomized timed tips, rules, etc. So far, everything is white text. I need to add some creativity!
Thinking of creativity, I need to add more mob sayings to the monstertriggers. Example: A creeper sees you and says "Sssswell day isssn't it?" or "Want to play hot potato with my grenade?" Yeah, I know, seems cheesy, but I only have one or two phrases for each monster's detect, kills a player, and player kills it. I would do something for when the monster takes damage, but fire seems to spam the chat...

Then lastly, make a page linking to separate pages of guides for the uses of the plugins. Apparently the Help plugin I used to use wasn't all that helpful. So guides on here and rtrigger menus ingame will be fun to make.

If anyone has thoughts, suggestions, questions, etc., let me know. This was decided upon a few moderators and couple admins.

If anyone is interested in my rtriggers config file, which is fairly large in my opinion, let me know and I'll make a link to it on the server.

Lastly, if anyone recalls when I mentioned about MobArena in the last post, There's a competition on our server for best MobArena. The plugin hasn't been installed, so it's best design for now. The deadline is on June 25th. I'm still trying to figure out what award to give out.

Just a random note to everyone that wants to join. We already banned a player from our server about 2 weeks ago for having an client side installed cheat/hack. He sweared up and down he only used it for SMP. Honestly, we can't tell if he used it in the server, but any client side cheats that can affect the server in was the server wasn't meant to allow are forbidden. If we find out you have any client side cheats/hacks that can negatively affect the server, you will be banned without questions.
It was suggested to install MCBans. Thoughts?

Well I'm off for my daily rounds on the internet and in RL. Will check back later.

edit: Just forgot. Thanks everyone who helped me fix my posting issue on other bloggs!


  1. Wow, looks like you're pretty busy man. You should put up the ip to your server on the top of your blog.

  2. Seriously wish I could help out here, but I'm so new to this all. Good luck with everything though!

  3. i would love to join your server

  4. I'd like other people to join, but it's already been agreed. No one from outside our RL Friends can join for another 3 weeks if the plugins cooperate with one another.
    As mentioned before I'm trying to replace towny with worldguard, but last time I tried installing worldguard, permissions 3.x stopped working.
    There is a link on the side for our dynmap of all our current worlds. Chat is enabled, but barely anyone is ever one.

  5. I need to get a lot better before starting on servers lol

  6. I haven't play since the 1.5.01 , It's been a while

  7. Keep it up i'm sure your server will do fine in the future.

  8. While I understand the donations bit I don't quite agree with paying money = advancing, even if it is temporary.

  9. Insta ban all illegal modders, it's the only way

  10. This is why I gave up hosting my own server. Way too much work for me.

  11. I would like to join :) following you by the way

  12. Sounds like a good plan you have =)