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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sir, Please be as so kind as to remove your pet, Peeve.

So, pretty much everyone said Griefers, though that was a given, I was actually expecting something a bit more. Eh, if that's all that bothers most people, then I'm on a good track then.

I have Bigbrother running, Permissions set so new-new players can't do anything until accepted, and LWC and Tombstone installed for chest protection and protecting dropped loot when you die. To top it off, I have everyone on my server separated apart to build their own stuff and their stuff is protected with Towny Plots. All they have to do is make sure there is money in their town's bank. So if they go offline for a long time and never return, other players can use.
Though this sounds a bit one sided, I do plan to replace towny with WorldGuard as soon as I can even install it without it conflicting...

So I don't have a lot to say for today, I've got plans and not a lot of time to sit down and describe how I'm using my plugins, I'll let you guys add more to the pet peeves or ask questions you'd like answered. I'm willing to help anyone that needs it, I've already helped one person with hes/her server a couple days ago via teamviewer. Though, I must ask first if you do want me to help, let me know ahead of time if your computer is not in english.

To finish off, as a new blogger in this world, I've seen one thing that I can't seem to fix. I've seen everyone's blogs and commented on nearly every single one, but my posts don't seem to show. I'd type what I'd want, use google account, click post or submit, the page refreshes, and that's it. No error message or anything. I first thought my posts just needed to be accepted, but it's been 3-4 days now. I'm lost at this point.


  1. Griefers really do suck though

  2. Griefers are indeed a scourge that should be delt with

  3. My post show up fine here. try contacting blogger to see if they can help you.

  4. What Jandro said, get some tech support, let them do their job!

  5. It could be that your post has to be approved by the blog owner first. Sometimes that dialogue box doesn't show up, but if you comment on my blog, i have to approve it first before it appears.

  6. Griefers are always a problem on my minecraft server. just dont let them get to you or they will have successfully griefed you.

  7. yeah greafers can really ruin the game.

  8. Love greifers

    They make the game awesome for me personally

  9. Try to see if your cookiees are enabled or if your browser turned off the default refresh.

    followed ya! Check out my blog for some interesting gaming news :)

  10. Some blogs have comment moderation on. They either need to be approved by the blogger or you need to be a member of that blog. After you make a comment you'll see a yellow box either telling you the comment has been published or it needs to be approved.

  11. I re-checked the third party cookies option, will see if it works tomorrow when I do my daily runs.