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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lions and tigers and beavers! OH MY!

I don't think there are beavers, but I can add the others to the server. How?
Easy, with ItemCraft of course!

Came along this today and a good bit of the players on my server seem to really look forward to me adding this nice little, well, not little addon.

It adds more creatures from Mo' Creatures and Trees from Nandonalt Mods and new items to craft. Right now, only slopes for MC 1.6.6. But I look forward to the Fancy Pack!

The only down side is, the players have to have the enabled plugins installed on their client in order to play.


  1. Beavers would be cool. Have them chew through stuff.

  2. I didn't realize that servers could use these kinda of mods too! That's amazing! You should add piston mod!

  3. I would add the piston mod, but the MC crew is already working on that.

  4. I've seen some amazing mods before, like a pokemon mod where you could capture monsters in pokeballs.