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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My answers of Your questions

So I've been delayed from posting until recently. Don't you just love Real Life? Almost makes you want to be stranded and make cool things like MineCraft. But then you wouldn't have MineCraft to play and share what you made with other people.

Did I make you think on that one? I had to. Glad I didn't add more, or most people wouldn't understand me.

So to answer some questions. If there is a questions I did not answer from the last blog post, ask again! Some posts I can't tell if they are questions are not.

phosports said...
wow, seems like a lot of work!

Yes, making sure no plugin cause problems with another is tedious. I use Commandbook and Tele plusplus and both use the /tp command. I had to use a customized version of Commandbook to fix the issue.
Even today, I have an issue with a few plugins due to Permissions 3.x.x coming out. I used to have Citizens installed for around spawn, but it complains and upset poor ol' permissions and it hides in the corner.
I get a report of a suspected bug on the server about every other day, mostly mis-understandings of something. For a good example:
By request of some of the players, I made a separate world, Sphere World, for the mature players. Thing I couldn't do is stopping players that were not allowed to enter the portal. So when they entered, they couldn't do anything except enter the exit portal back to the normal world. To add to that, World to World teleporting is rough since MC 1.6.6 came out. So I had to make a random platform to catch people, let them use a sign to teleport to the Sphere World Spawn. Already had one young teen complain of loosing items. Should have read the rules posted on the signs around the portal.

BrAd said...
Haha, didn't think so many plugins were required for a good server.

No, you can have a completely vanilla server if you wanted. I just customized my server how I saw fit and made changes upon the majority thought. Of course, there are always limits. My host doesn't support MySQL, so everything that needs SQL is using SQLite, flatfile, or not running at all.

mediocreatleast said...
Any easy way of keeping up with what's outdated and needs updating?

There is a plugin floating around the bukkit.org forums, I don't want to use it, I'd rather read the changes and posts of the updated plugin before adding it to the server. CraftBukkitUpToDate I know all the updated plugins are saved to a separate folder, but if I'm going to see the thread before allowing the update, might as well download it while I'm there.
To check to see if a plugin is updated, I just use the 'Get Plugins' link on the main page of the forum and start searching. I do this about once a week, otherwise, I just randomly check the first page of the released plugins for anything interesting. Like a new plugin I'm thinking of playing with, Mob Arena.

The East Man said...
Yowza that's a lot of plugins. No wonder my servers sucked

No it didn't, it was set the way you wanted. You can have a full modeled lego set of grey pieces, or a rainbow of random colors, anything in between. It's entirely up to you.

Mario said...
Why so many plugins ?

Functionality. I'd like to let my character take a seat somewhere without being in a minecart.

So, here's my questions to you guys.
What are your pet peeves you find in a server that makes you turn around and leave? If I'm going to make my server public, I'll have to know the does and don't and what to annoy those that annoy me.
I like to make myself invisible and start spawning random monsters around people who likes to annoy/pester me, which has only happened twice. I hate kids who can't read announced tips and rules and ask questions that can be found oh so easily.


  1. My biggest pet peeve in a public server would be grief caused by other players. Hate servers with no anti-grief.

  2. I'm working on the biggest minecraft project of mine to date. I'll post some pictures on my game blog, too!

  3. I'm big on griefing to a certain extent. Giving people a certain set of protected areas, while maintaining a wild zone is something I like in a lot of servers. Not everywhere should be completely safe for a player.

  4. Biggest pet peeve on servers is chest protection. As someone who loves killing and looting this ruins everything.

  5. Griefers are easily my pet peeve

  6. Yeah, I can agree. Griefers on any multiplayer game generally deduct from the overall experience

  7. everyone hates griefers, must be why they do it

  8. Yeah, I can agree. Griefers on any multiplayer game generally deduct from the overall experience

    Disagree to that post completely kind sir.