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Friday, June 3, 2011

What's really going on back there...

So I stated yesterday I was going to talk about what plugins I'm running on the server. I even mentioned one of the plugins, the MC Mobile Admin, and that pretty much took flight.
So to start off, the server host I am using is Hosted Game Servers.
I'm not going to be a sneak, that is the direct link to the MC hosting on HGS. If you like what the host has, please use this URL to show who referred you and help support my server. HGS Reffered.

What HGS gives you for your server is simple. They charge you for slots, not memory. If you need more memory and you show you really do, they will. They start you off at 64MB of ram. Yes that is low. I started my server as vanilla, had the "Not enough RAM" error but the server ran smoothly.
The other good stuff they give you without extra charge is a Mumble server matching the same number of slots for free. I have a 10slot MC server, so I have a 10slot Mumble for free. I don't know the opinions about Mumble, but to me, this was cheaper than renting out a TS or Vent server.
They recently added a 10GB of storage for web hosting. Basically, you get access to hosting your own site for your server. No bandwidth limit either.
Lastly, once you order, it's done and set. No waiting a day or a week.

So what is the the negative side? If you use craftbukkit, the start/start button in the HGS control panel for your server does not work. If you know how to use SSH, which I plan to post a simple guide on, starting and stopping is easy. I didn't know SSH when I signed up and I know enough commands to start, stop, force stop in a couple ways, and check to make sure no plugins have gotten CPU hungry. I've even sent notices to HGS stating that XYZ server is using way too much CPU and might need to be looked at.

When I changed to craftbukkit and had, I think, 20 plugins, I needed more memory. In the end, I am at 768MB of ram with at this very moment 47 plugins. Just last week I had 52 plugins, but some became inactive and such when 1.6.6 came out and those authors were no where to be found.

So, the list of plugins with versions:

    BedHome    0.1   
    BlastControl    1.0.6   
    ChairCraft    1.2.2   
    CommandBook    1.5.1-customized   
    CommandSigns    0.8.5   
    DropChest    0.7.5   
    dynmap    0.18   
    Growbie    2.3   
    iChat    2.3.0   
    iConomy    5.0   
    iConomyChestShop    2.74   
    Jail    1.0.3   
    Lampstone    0.6   
    LastSeen    1.1   
    LWC    2.31   
    MidiBanks    1.3   
    milkAdmin    1.0-05.14   
    MinecartManiaAutomations    1.2.3   
    MinecartManiaCore    1.2.5   
    MinecartManiaSignCommands    1.2.4   
    MinequeryPlus    0.3.3   
    MobBounty    3.0   
    MobileAdmin    3.0   
    MonsterTriggers    0.4   
    MuddersMilk    1.4   
    MultiInv    1.5.2   
    MultiVerse    1.7   
    NaturalGiants    1.3   
    NeoMeteorites    0.2   
    obuShutTheHellUp    0.2   
    OddItem    0.6.5   
    OpenInv    1.1.0   
    PerformanceTweaks    0.07   
    Permissions    3.1   
    PlgLogCmd    1.0   
    PvPToggle    0.2.5   
    RemoteToolkitPlugin    0.4b   
    rTriggers    2.1.2_5   
    SimpleReserve    0.2.6   
    SphereWorld    0.4f   
    TelePlusPlus    1.3.4   
    TeslaCoil    1.4   
    Tombstone    1.2.9   
    Towny    0.68   
    Turnstile    1.7.2   
    VanishNoPickup    1.7   
    xWarp    2.9.4

This is a copy and paste from MilkAdmin plugins list.
Note: when copying the list of plugins from MilkAdmin, first paste the list in notepad, I used notepad++, and make sure everything is lined up on the left, I usually have to add 4 spaces to the first line.
Pasting the list in notepad first removes the table format, then copying it from notepad to where you are wanting it will keep it clean with just text and spaces.

I could sit down and describe how I use each of these plugins, some more than they are intended. I must say, I really like rTriggers when you code it just right.

So, ask questions and I will reply to them if the answer is short, otherwise tomorrow's blog post will have have the questions and answers, and maybe quick descriptions of the plugins.

I know this will be asked; why haven't I updated xwarp? Simple: There is nothing I need fixed, I don't need the money feature for warps, and lastly, I can't get the new versions to work because everyone gets: You don't have permission to XYZZXY.

edit: Just noticed one of the admins removed BigBrother due to an odd conflict with a couple plugins. Hmm...


  1. This all looks way over my head but I like your writing style. Keep it up!

  2. @Alexander this is about hosting stuff for a Minecraft server

  3. wow, seems like a lot of work!

  4. Haha, didn't think so many plugins were required for a good server.

  5. Any easy way of keeping up with what's outdated and needs updating?

  6. all i got going is a simple music server in my house lol.

  7. Yowza that's a lot of plugins. No wonder my servers sucked

  8. Shit that's a bunch of plugins! Our old server didn't have like any at all.

  9. thats ridiculous amount of plugins lol

  10. I'm running Oakgrove on Clanforge right now, they are pretty good with Bukkit.

  11. And I thought I had a lot of plugins on my server o.o, still good for reference to make mine better