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Thursday, January 24, 2013

MobArena Added

I have added MobArena a few days ago and been tinkering with it. I really like how it works.
Quote from FB Group:
I've added a new mob arena at MCDen town. Right next to /dungeons warp. Must be within 10 blocks range to enter to fight. I've added two traps, trap doors and makes use of the super-push pistons.
Since I can't control the money drop in mobarenas, and I didn't like the reward system anyways, you do not receive item reward until after wave 10. As you fight monsters, you do receive money (when killed by a player, not trap). I may have to tweak the money drop because of mobarena. Still debating on this.

I plan to add in a donation here and there to access a few of the new classes I plan to add. Such as gunsmith and sniper. For now, most settings are default for classes.

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