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Monday, January 28, 2013

Server up and going

A few days ago, the people managing the hardware for our server host decided it was mandatory to do hardware upgrades and move everything over. I honestly do not know if it was the hardware workers, or HGS, but someone didn't give a heads up in a reasonable amount of time. I did get an e-mail from HGS stating what was going, but I did not see the e-mail until after I got off work, a hour after they sent it. Which by the time I got home, the server was already down and I had absolutely no access to any server features or data.

During the time, I was looking around, keeping my self busy as I didn't feel like playing Skyrim or much of anything else. I came along a number of plugins that peeked my interest to add. Some are minigames to play with or against other plays, another is a fun gambling game.

One plugin in particular, many on the server really hated while others liked it. Though I heard more dislike than like. For now, the plugin is disabled, but will come back with minimal features active. The plugin will probably be working at 1/4 functionality or less. ExtraHardMode
I will be using this plugin mostly to get some exploits, and some things I consider exploits, harder to work with or impossible to do. Such as mobgrinders and building farms underground. I'd like to add a little bit more of a challenge to both fighters and builders. Such as some mobs act differently; zombies have a 25% chance to revive themselves, and torches cannot be left out in the rain without being dropped to the ground. Details on what we are going to use will be listed on the plugins page or on another page linking from it.

For those that were asking about whitelist details, it is simple. If I am able to start the server, but something security wise is not functioning properly, I will run the server in whitelist. Why? The longer our server is down, the lower our %UpTime goes on most server lists. Some server lists like to punish one's % the longer it is down. The longer it is down, the faster it goes down, while the longer it is up, the longer it takes to recover. The server lists the punishes you has some really bad calculations on this. If the server is down for, let's say 5 minutes, we may lose .01%. After 15 minutes, we may lose .15%. But if we are then up for a few hours straight, we might be able to get .01% back each hour, which is plainly stupid.
Along with the server being in whitelist mode, those who whish to vote can vote and still gain their rewards. Though, if you are not on the server, you will not get your reward until you log onto the server.

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