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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Update Proccess For Server

If you have not read our first post (previous to this) about the server updating, it might help clear up some stuff.

I've been getting the server prepared to run 1.4.6 by using a temp server on my computer. Many plugins do break due to CraftBukkit's API changes. As stated before, rTriggers is broken. Spout in general is going on as normal now it seems.

Another plugin I am worried about right now is WorldInventories. It work on 1.4.6, with it's newest update, but the file conversion has a problem. Any and All items that has unique data, such as enchants, lore, custom names, even books with data, will not transfer and the player's inventory will NOT be transferred. This is a huge problem since we use DiabloDrops. The only work arounds at hand is:
  1. Do the conversion proccess and update each player's inventory manually. Pain in the neck for admins as we will have to read the data file and give each item to the player. Easier said than done, I've looked, trying to give a pickaxe with a custom name, enchants and lore in a command is not easy.
  2. Before we update our server, all players places all their inventories in a chest (not ender chest) before they log out. A player's health, hunger, and XP bars will transfer with no issues. Much easier, but may have issues with players later on that do not know what's going on.
I would rather we follow step two. Not because I'm lazy, but it would cause a lot less stress and annoyance between players and staff. I have looked for other plugins that does what WorldInventories does, and there are a number, but haven't noticed any that would convert from WorldInventories to their style, which means using a new plugin, players may lose their inventories.

Edit: Just found an update to rtriggers. Looking into it now.

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