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Monday, December 3, 2012

So they want a goal? We'll give them a goal!

Edit: News added below instead of new posts. 12-3-2012 3:10pm cst

So a lot of people join the server expecting a guideline, a goal, and end-game feature to work toward. There has been ideas.

Nation vs Nation: Simple and to the point. Idea was to divide the main world in half, left is one nation, right is another. If anyone from the left joined the right, they were prone to PVP warfare; same vise-versa.

Town vs Town: Towny at it's core does not allow this, though it is doable. Problem is, I rarely see anyone that deals with PVP. It's either players join and team up and help one another (nothing wrong with that), or some players wait for the owner to leave and sneak in and attempt taking what's not protected. If a player were to go rouge and go PVP hostile, taking advantage of the warmup/cooldown timers and dynmap, players complain, a lot.

New idea, put the monsters to some good use. Let's say we make a large, very large, as in 1024x1024 blocks large. Extremely tall and maze like inside. I know this is dreaming big, but wouldn't players work to team up, get tools, weapons, ammo, and armor just to be able to fight their way in and defeat the boss or find greater loot? If we were do something as such, there would have to be at least one or two worlds. Why? For something like this, I'd like to customize how the area is effected by plugins. Constant night, possible increase in chance of dropped loot (DiabloDrops), and use of MV Adventure plugin. MVA allows a world to reset itself after a amount of time after the last player leaves. Not sure what would be done about a final boss. Might make a small world just to fight the Ender Dragon.

I just like the idea of keeping it simple. Join a server, free of restrictions, no "have to do this or that" other than the basics; joined players have to read, agree and take the test of the rules, do something to make money to buy stuff from stores and keep up the area protections such as Towny.

Edit: Due to some issues, Questioner is installed, When invited to a town or nation, the player will be asked and requested to use /accept or /deny. The only issue I can think of is a conflict with /tpa's accept command. I'll see what I can do to fix this...

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