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Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Redoing Donation System

I am still working on the tiered system, I'm thinking of 5 tiers.
These tiers will not give players a superb increase in advantage over other players. I'm aiming in the idea of supporting the server while still getting something useful in return, without ruining the non-donator's fun in the end.

No Refunds if you are Banned from the server or stop playing all together.

Note: Not all features are accessible at this very moment. Some are known to be possible, but not implemented. Listed future additions are possible ideas, but can not be done yet.

Note2: Asked by many in the last month. Permissions stack from Tier to Tier, items do not. A lot of people are getting Tier 4 and expecting the items from Tier 1, 2, and 3, currently you do not. I'll set up something to help with that. In order for me to get these to stack, each item has to be ran as a separate command by BuyCraft. Permission commands only have one command, set user in specified group. If I could run the give commands as a macro in rtriggers from the console, this would be an easy fix, but I can't run the custom commands from rtriggers from the console, so if I can't, BuyCraft can't either.

Sometimes the Add To Cart buttons do not work.

Non-Tiered Donations:

Jailed? $10 Donation to be only unjailed. Repeating issues will result in rejailing.
Absolutely No Refunds!

Want some extra experience? How about 5 stacks O'perience on the wall~
For only $5. Good choice if you want to give us some extra funds.

Getting ready to raid or assassinate someone? Need gearing up?
Best used if Tier 3 or higher and buying Stacks of Experience for Enchanting. Up to you.
Note: Invisibility cape function: Wear it, crouch to be hidden. For full effect, don't wear armor and nothing in hand.
Silent Donation. No Announcement ingame. Enjoy your assassinations.
$10 at this time. Will go up later. Get them while you can, only a certain supply at this time!

If the server is whitelisted, that normally means we will require many restarts as the admins are working. If you would like to join during this time (whitelist mode is rare), you may donate a small amount. Note: Restarts will happen with Little to no warning prior to it.

Tier 1 : Get Me Started! $5
  • Grants 500 McDough
  • Kit Of Tools: Iron 2x Spade, Pickaxe, Axe, Diamond Sword
  • Cape Lexicon and MegaPhone For Capes - Must Use SpoutCraft!
  • Access To Server Store Room One.
  • Access To OffWorld
    • Note: This world's main idea is to pull in all MC update changes. Example: In MC update 1.3, there will be temples. Most of our main world is already generated passed the world borders.
  • Make and edit their own Turnstiles. Members and Up can use turnstiles. 
  • Use any gun in Survival Worlds. Everyone else can use them in Creative Worlds.
  • PlayerPlus Additions (Spout): Ears, Wings, Tail
    • All users have access to Bracelet, tophat, sunglasses, and capes
    • Texture additions are welcome. Send via e-mail under Contact Us

Tier 2 : Keep It Coming! $10
  • Grants 750McDough
  • Kit of Armor: Diamond Helm, Chest, Legs, Boots
  • Prevent Being Kicked While Server Is Full For Higher Tiered Donators.
  • Customize Your Chat Name And Message Colors To Your Liking. No rainbow message colors
  • Access To Server Store Room Two. 
  • Access To Power Capes (As of October, some capes have stopped working...)
    • Non-donators have access to some animal capes
    • No access to Monster Capes.
  • Right Click Death Chest to QuickLoot - Regain lost experience at 100%
  • PlayerPlus Addtions (Spout): Notch Hat. 
  • DFaarm: Cook above lit fires with dropped foods, auto replant and fertilize each farm block area with specified items in hand.
    • Non-donators can snoop their farm areas to see their growth status.

Tier 3 : Needs Name $15
  • 1500 McDough
  • 64 Bottles O' Enchanting
  • /slap Players - Deals No Damage
  • Auto-Kick Lower Tiered Players and non-donators if server is full to let you join.
  • Access To Server Store Room Three
  • Access to nearly ALL powercapes. Monster, animal, and power capes. (As of October, some capes have stopped working...)
    • Few capes will not be accessible as they can harm the server. We are still looking into this.
  • "Hidden" From grief/raid reports in survival worlds.
    • Basically, if you raid/grief another player's area, and they have server staff investigate, server staff can not tell anyone, besides server staff themselves, you did it. Besides, it's the player's responsibility to protect their area and stuff.
    • If the player has been offline for 30 days and their stuff is not protected by towny, but locked by LWC, server staff may unlock the chests and stuff for you.
  • Hide/Show yourself on Dynmap - Your icon no longer shows where you are if hidden.
  • Use of Large DeathChests Upon Death - Must Have 2 Chests In Your Inventory.
  • Possible FUTURE addition to server:
    • Mine, place and set your own mob spawner.

Tier 4 : Needs Name $25
  • 3000 McDough
  • Claim Your Own Towny Nation
  • Access To Server Store Room Four
  • /back To Last Death Point To Regain Lost DeathChest.
  • Have Server Staff Change The Biome Of The Are You Are In. 
    • Can be whole biome change, or just a selected area.
  • Control the weather. /weather sunny or stormy [duration] [world] 
  • Increase Max Private/Public/Global warps by 10

Tier 5 : Needs Name $50
  • 4500 McDough
  • Access To All Server Store Rooms
  • Possible FUTURE addition to the server:
    • Your Own World of a certain size of your own choice of SEED.
  • Decrease Warp warmup and cooldown to 2 seconds each.

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