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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here's what's going on

As everyone knows, with the increase of activity on the server, we've been having some major performance issues. As an admin and server owner, this is more than I have planned. For the last year and a half, our average, at most, was 4 or 5 people. Some days as high as 8. Over a year's time.
Now our average in a day has hit around 7.

Why does this seem to be related?
I've been tinkering around with plugins with the thought of around 4 or 5 people and 1 GB of ram with our host. We can get more ram for the server, but with building a new server here in a week, and the next pay-period for the server coming up, I'd rather just grit my teach and work with what we have.

Why am I not willing to shell out the money?
College is about to start up in a month, I'm trying to save up money so I don't have to touch loans. I've made it 3 years without loans. No I'm not using the server money to pay my way through college. Right now, the money I am making from the server is basically paying me back for the year and a half of host 'rent' and about half of the cost of the new server computer. After that, not sure what I'll do with the money once the server basically has paid for itself. I might put it towards paying someone to make custom plugins. Really don't know yet. Thoughts?

In other news. The computer just needs the harddrives. Why many harddrives? Going to do Raid with them. Not only will there be a performance boost loading and saving to them, but also as a security benefit, along with the external backups as well. I know that with the money being reset is a pain, but having to revert people's work on making stuff and collecting items is more of a pain.

Why are the staff so stingy when it comes down to reimbursing players for lost items/money?
 We can't tell if someone is lying or telling the truth about what they lost. Hence the reason it's one of the rules.

Why do donators get so many benefits if they're not getting a staff position? I never liked the idea of someone with money to throw out to by such powers. Something like that, I'd rather people earn. Hence the reason the creation of DenPatrol. Details of DenPatrol is listed under /dp (need a better command set for that), but basically DebPatrol has the power to Accept new players as Full Members once they passed the test. Kick/Jail(+mute) them if things get out of hand. They don't have the power to ban. This is left to Moderators and Admins. The only way Admins and Mods are told when someone is banned is if we look it up on MCBans or Glizer. So for now, Jail is good enough. If it comes down to needing to ban someone, most of the Mods and Admins have remote access to the server from their phones. We can be texted if things go wrong.
Other powers DenPatrol have is reporting who did what where. This is a little tricky for them. DenPatrol is not to report anyone who is Tier 3 or higher donator to anyone on the server other than to the server staff. If the DenPatrol person does so. They will be stripped of their status and be demoted back down to their last known rank. Either that be TierDonation or Member.

Why the heck is there a donation feature to be unbanned/unjailed? That just seems wrong.
If they are willing to shell out the money, that helps up. I didn't state that the DenPatrol or higher could ban/jail them again. Did I? Yes, that did just sound like we're getting free money. But if the people are stubborn enough or dumb enough to do so. That's their fault. I doubt we'll get much in the way of money through the unban/unjail either way. Though note this: No Refunds On This. It's stated here, on the donation page, and on BuyCraft. If someone turns around and says something, we'll just state the same thing as I did in this paragraph.

Why do warps, home, and spawn cost, have timers, etc.?
As you may not have noticed, tp to/from players is completely free. The others charge due to the fact they can be exploited in ways of ninja-fighting on the server. I have not liked the idea of players being able to run away from monsters or players once they see trouble. This is a hard-mode survival server. Once you leave the protection of Towny/Worldguard areas in the survival worlds, you are prone to being attacked. It's highly suggested to take friends, stock up on enchants for your gear, and take potions and food. I know this takes space. The staff and I have talked about a plugin, yes, another, to expand your inventory. The only concern I have, but haven't been tested to confirm, is when you move from one survival worlds to Creativity and back, if the extra space is separated.

Why are there so few staff?
As stated before, we haven't had a lot of players on the server in the past year and a half. So this hasn't been a problem. We will begin adding in new DenPatrol once the server is moved. Please, I Repeat, Please Don't Ask For DenPatrol Status. We choose who we can trust. We would prefer to choose the people who have been on more than just a few weeks. If you really want to up your chances, help players with common questions on the server, such as towny setups. I've tried to make menus and set in links to plugin pages on how to to this or that, but it's quite obvious. Seeing someone who is willing to read is few and far between. Do you have to help with every question every time? No, but just don't be rude.

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