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Monday, July 16, 2012

And For iConomy took the last straw

Due to large issues with iConomy (will be moving to a new economy plugin soon), I am doing two things: 1. Currently setting up a server store to buy gold nuggets at a 1:1 price, so players can have a solid currency. The nuggets, if I can set it right, will not be mixable with other normal nuggets. I'm about to test this. 2. Towny Daily Taxes are now disabled to keep down the stress and frustration.

As soon as we are ready to move to a new economy plugin, I'll give everyone 2 weeks to buy as much physical currency (nuggets) before the move over. Anyone who hasn't bought any nuggets before the move by the time we move will loose their money. The current warp to the temp bank location is: /warp bank. Simple?

When MC 1.3 comes out, I'll have everyone sell their physical currency for the new gems that are being added. I'll also up the price on gold to make gold a valued item as it should be.

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