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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Towny/WorldGuard and CB Update Issues to come

I've had a few people ask, and some server staff do not know why, about why I do not allow Random Worldguard areas around the Survival Worlds.

As I've repeatedly stated, this is for large projects worked on by a group of players. In most cases, the projects, when finished, can be used for the public. Such examples would be like a large subway, that I and a few players have been working on, a roller-coaster, or even a theme park. Once I finish working on SpawnTown, which it is coming close to completion (I know, I haven't made any plans on paper, but running out of ideas and structure ideas that have some form of use), I will be putting up a protection wall, like a colony wall, tighten up the worldguard around it, and remove towny from it.

Towny towns and nations are, at a bottom line thought, are meant to give players a more role-play feel to the server. The biggest decision I had about using towny is the fact of: A player joins, makes a town, then later down the road discontinues playing on the server, he has until the town's bank is empty to come back. Once the town is gone, it is open for someone to claim or be raided, like any other deserted town.

On the CraftBukkit updates. We are currently using a CB R4 version with CB++ features. When CB updates to R5, they will, by then, cleaned out old needless code which some plugins still use today. Any and all plugins that may still work on R4, but haven't been updated/maintained by it's respective author will most likely break. As such for iConomy5 that we are using. I will have no choice but to update to iCo6 and start fresh on the banks of all players and towns. There is no conversion. I will have to go in and manually add all active players with at least 100 in their banks one by one. All towns with banks of at least 0, referring to active towns, will be done so as well. I will also implement the use of MySQL for this for future updates and easier management, let alone less lagg and processing by the server.

I am currently going through the list of plugins on the server and taking note of which ones have already updated to R5, which ones are still active and may update eventually, and ones that might die with no return known.

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