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Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

SpoutDetection and Chat Tags

There has been a bug, mostly a delay, issue in the spoutcraft detection on the server. As every Member and up knows, if you log in without spoutcraft, you are a GUEST. Though this is meant to happen, sometimes the detection of spoutcraft clients logging in take longer to detect and times out, which causes legit spoutcraft users to go into GUEST.
It has been requested to have the delay lengthened and a possible reset/check if spoutcraft is later detected.

In the update to the new permissions plugin, I had to remove iChat as part of it worked in the new system. Doing so lead to the loss of the Health bar in chat.
This feature has been requested.

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