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Sunday, June 19, 2011

So even computers needs vacations, remember that young one.

So after the server decided to causing a fit for about 24 hours, everything seems stable now.
I've learned a few new things, shared a bit of info on the CB forums, and my keyboard is going on the fritz. Yes, my 3 year old keyboard is causing me to have miss-types on certain keys. So far, just keys 1-5 and O, K, L, M, and J. So if a word shows misspelled, check to see if that's it. I'm catching most, but never every single one. It's just acting like the keys are not being pushed hard enough. Yes, it's a pain typing passwords sometimes.

So, back to the issues with the server. Apparently my host updated JAVA on the server hosting all the MC servers on it, which in turn caused a few MC internal issues for CB.

I have also learned that the view distance in the server.properties file is bugged, If you set it below 10, less mobs will spawn server-wide.

rTriggers apparently does NOT like being reloaded in MilkAdmin. I went through and colorized the the information, disabled then re-enabled the plugin, and it didn't take in the config inf at all. NONE. Had to do a server /reload and it worked. Looks great! All Group mentions are colored accordingly, anytime a player name is mentioned, it is light-green, commands are colored teal, along with the Time. Important information, like ip/url mentions are gold, and that's about it.

There is currently 55 plugins installed, including the new plugins for special worlds. Take a look at dynmap. I finally got dynmap set the way I like it without spewing out errors. There is now Spheres/colonies, Space, Sky Lands, Normal World, Nether, and Dungeons. Very Proud. :D

Thinking of dynmap, we had a very interesting, but entertaining situation. Apparently someone mixed up their settings for their website to show their dynmap, but showed our dynmap instead, so we had an interesting chat with someone.

Got to go, will continue this blog when I get back...


  1. hahaha, make sure you give it a break

  2. Computers? Vacation?! *Looks at the whip hanging on the wall*. What next, your gonna tell me not to whip it too?

  3. lol, when you starting thinking this, maybe you're the one that needs a break :P

  4. I've actually been taking a break and just played the game, and a few other games with friends in the last couple days. I've got SkyLands working and started working on an airship.