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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Productivity is Key

So today I've been fairly busy. I've been busy with summer classes, got a midterm due tomorrow. Added a new plugin/world, Dungeon. I really like it, was a bit of a pain setting up with multiverse because I forgot to read a step.

A couple at random joined the server, one person said his server was the same IP, but he changed port numbers to see what would come up.

Otherwise not much else today. Just been busy with school work. My g/f and my 16 month anniversary was yesterday. ^.^

Out of curiosity, how many people are visiting lately? I'd like to use a counter, but those things are so inaccurate. They count all page loads, even if it's not a normal person viewing. Sure seems like most of the people I check out are pretty active.

I have just completed a step in setting the server up to run ItemCraft. So far all I've done is make a folder of all the files the client needs and set a folder up to upload to the server. That way everything can be done in a small easy swoop.
The users can just download the zip file and add in the files likes a normal plugin, and all I have to do is upload the files for the server into one area.
The only problem I have left to mess with is the .sh file, the file the I use to start the server. Since I use MilkAdmin, I use a wrapper to manage the start stop, restart, and backups for the server.

Well, off to bed and continue my work for my classes. I will attempt to do a live stream later today for the dungeon world when I am able to get other players on the server.


  1. You're really adding a lot to your server, keep up the good job. Not sure what you mean by visiting though, this blog? I try to check it out daily or every other day, even if I don't comment right away.

  2. I know some people still visit, I've just noticed a great drop in visits in the last week, week and a half. Maybe I should share my blog in my signatures on some forums... hmmm...

  3. I'm majoring in computer science, 2 years done, I was going to take a couple summer classes this summer, but I had to take one off due to some life stuff going on. The other is Micro Applications. I'm taking this class mainly for the Access portion, I never took a class in it. My adviser says that knowing Access will help me later for when I take Database.