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Friday, August 3, 2012

Where'd He Go?

So it's nearly 2am friday morning, I'm tired, and been quite busy the last few days. So I'll make this short.

Just got moved into a new apartment, got the internet fully set up.
No desk for computer, yet. Currently have the computer rigged up to work with the tv. 41" tv btw. Looks great for games, not so much when it comes to typing and reading.
All parts for the new server are in, but I want to run a MC server test with at least 8 or more people connected at once to test latency. For this, I'll make a temp CB server on another computer, with 20 max slots. I'll then being testing when I'm able to get more than 5 people and see how things lag for most players. If it laggs too much, the project is scrubbed. I'll return the parts and use the money to go to a new host. I've already been looking around, a few good ones, one really good one, but based in Paris, France.

I plan to set up a whitelist, keep reading, that when someone is set as Full Member, they are added to it. This white list will be used when I need to lock down the server and do not wish to mess with new players joining and have to mess with most of the issues a lot like to bring. Again, this list will have all Full Members added and a macro set for when a staff member sets a player as Full Member, they are also added to the white list. The only question I have, and haven't tested, is adding players to the white list while the whitelist feature is disabled.

Until I am more comfortable living in my new apartment and more financially stable, I'll be more active on the server. I'll try to help with any requests, all server staff have my number. I have been talking to the staff on a possible new addition or two to the Den Patrol. We may also be removing one or two Den Patrol. Still haven't decided yet.

School and College is about to start. Most of the server staff will be more active on the server here soon. Some will be more active, such as ibmoodysniper. His excuse for not being active on the server is lack of real internet at home. Gotta love data caps. As more staff will be active, we also will be busy with friends, life, and school work. Hence the reason I'm trying to get at least one or two more admins that understand how most of the features on the server works. RIky has come a long way, and I thank him greatly for trying to keep the server stable while I've been away. He just needs to learn what to update me on and what not to. Apparently rTriggers stopped working for over a day and only recently told me, while I've been at work. At least he's trying. Can't say he's not doing too well, I'm still learning new things to do with the server every day. Which brings me to a couple other possible additions to the server.

As I've been trying to add the proper permissions to the Tiered 3, 4, and 5, in ways they can't easily exploit, I have found a plugin that would help with the big feature for Tier 5 players. Individual Worlds. The plugin I found is new and still in beta. Currently, the worlds cannot be bigger than 400x400. I'd like to have a setting for 1024x1024. Some of you may know why I chose such a number.
I have found a recently updated piston chest plugin. (YAY!), so automated cobblestone and stone systems can being working as soon as I add the plugin in. Simply put, a piston can push MOST blocks into a chest's inventory. Some items/blocks cannot, such as fire/water/lava.

I promise you, the donations have not gone to waste. They all have gone toward paying for the new server. If I have to send the parts back due to bad upload speeds at the possible new location, the money will go towards renting from a new host.

Lastly, even though I said I was keeping this short, but lack of sleep and ADD is bringing a lot of random thoughts of interest.
What do you guys think of a contest? I know some of you all like the server, but can't really donate, or don't see much of a need to pay X amount for some not so useful permission abilities and/or items. Some of you may not even have the money. How about some of you help come up with some stuff for the server? I'm still thinking about the details, though right now isn't a good time to be thinking. We're in need to setting up image/banners for our listings on most of our server listings listed in the Vote area. Some of the sites permit custom banners, which would help out server be shown better. These, are far as I know most allow, can either stills or animated. I ask for nothing extremely flashy and annoying. By this I mean, if you were to be reading an article, such as this, and you had an image on the side of the screen that was just being as flashy and attention grabby as it could be, wouldn't you get a bit annoyed?
Other than banner art, I'm also looking for great screen shot art to add to our listings on Spout and planet mine craft. Not much is listed for us on spout, but planetminecraft has a few good shots that I've taken.
I'm also looking for other good creations for new players to look at. So far, the only real attractions on the server that new players are liking is the town, and seeing a few other player's towns. I'm looking for something not town based. You can claim a few plots together as OutPosts through Towny, you and your friends can work on something really nice, and if the end result is great, and we'd like to add it to the "tourist attractions", we'll put up a custom World Guard around it, you can take down your outpost plots, and we can set you as the main editors of the structure/ride/etc to help maintain it. I'm awaiting the sight of a good roller coaster. These can be done in either creative or survival. We Will Not Move Structures From Creative To Survival. We may vise-versa in the future if we are wanting to preserve stuff. Like if you want to do an overhaul or such.

Rewards can be of selected perms, to tier levels, or dedicated plots in MCDen for your own use, as long as it isn't disgraceful or diminishing.

Sleep is taking over. Night All!

It has been determined we will use a different host. Though we won't get the specs I was really hoping for, we can get 2-3x more at nearly the same price we are paying now. We will keep the server cap at 20-25 for now, though we have an unlimited slot choice.

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