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Friday, April 13, 2012

MetaVerse Coming Together.

With the current new test run of MetaVerse, the new World System name, everything is coming along nicely. In one more day, the world will be deleted, regenerated up to 5 levels (10240x10240), Regions for the DMZ, PVP Warzones, and Nation Boundaries. I will also begin placing new Catacombs, hopefully larger and more challenging. Currently only Server Staff have first picks of locations of their choices.

DMZ, PVP Warzone, and Nation Regions will be shown on dynmap, in different colors, and have flags set to notify players when Player has entered/left the region. I thought this would make things fun. Might add a server rule subnote to the chat spam rule about spamming the chat with entering/leaving the area repeatedly, over and over and over again, in a 10 second period of time.

May 1st I will begin clearing out old plugin configs that are no longer in use along with updating large settings in current plugins. On May 1st ALL warps (as in teleport locations that use the command /warp to access) will be deleted. Many of which will be old warps from the old world systems.

All dynmap caves will not be shown unless they have been lit by a form of light. Simply put, if not lit by light, generally they have not been discovered by another player. So any undiscovered caves will not show up on dynmap. Known possible bugs is cave entrances lit by lava or sun will possibly show up. Dynmap will no longer be rendering in HD. It will now render the tiles in low resolution and not as many tiles to zoom in. With the world now going to be 10240x10240 big, many tile images will take up a lot of harddrive storage space. Having the tiles in a lower resolution will also make rendering much quicker and less intensive on the server's CPU.

There has been talk about completely removing the xWarp plugin. This will leave players to walk, boat, and minecart all around. The only teleporting plugins remaining, and planned to stay are: /home, Town Spawn Teleport, /spawn, and spawning at your last slept in bed upon death.

If anything, xWarp will be left in use for a wider range of set Global warps that server staff can then manually set Prices and Timers. Such warps will then be placed at attractions, events, and popular areas for ease of access.

The reason for the removal of the xwarp system is this: The plugin is rarely maintained by it's author. Players currently can Create as many warps as they want, Use the warp however often the want, and all free. There has been too many cases of players being lazy and inconsiderate of making warps of far too general or commonly named. Ex: home, mine, bed. It has been requested of players not to do this. Players are now stating that this should be in the rules. It should not be as we can not have this maintained server side. Server staff would have to keep an eye on the server log and catch any of such warps, request the player to update the name of it or remove it. There has also been cases of too many warps in the same general area. This of which is inefficient. Players are also having a hard time finding their own warps, making them go through pages of pages of warps. This of which can be easily fixed if players made a limited number of warps and understood the '/warp list o:(warpOwnerName)' feature mentioned in the xwarp's link on the plugins page.

All teleporting of any kind will have a fee. Though small prices, it will discourage people using teleporting commands just to cover short distances. Teleporting commands such as /home and /spawn will cost 10McDough, while possible global warps will vary from 3-45 or more. Teleporting to/from players will also cost, but only to the person making the request. If a player uses /tpa (player) they will send the request and be charged 15McDough. Please note: Last tested of the charging for /home, /spawn and /tpa with little to no money will put the player in the negative money balance. Be warned.

I'm pretty sure I've overlooked many details that I have discussed with the server staff, so I'll add more to this post or future posts.

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