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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bukkitcontribute and Spout Issues...

By this, I mean a plugin I did NOT know about was downloaded to my server causing looped errors. All I get told is Spout and Bukkitcontrib are not suppose to work together.

I tried to explain to the author(s) of the spout plugin, a plugin I did not even know about last week, that my server was running fine until a couple days ago when I returned that their plugin was installed on my server and was causing issues. Only to be told that Spout and Bukkitcontrib are not meant to work together.

I never added the plugin nor did I read about any plugins downloading it. I am rather aggravated that plugins can Update AND download more files without the end-user's consent. I understand updating itself, but downloading MORE files that could possibly cause more problems is crossing the line.

I left last friday morning knowing dang well the server was going to run just fine without me checking it each day. I return Tuesday, tired and worn out from driving, I didn't even check the server until Wednesday when someone mentioned there was lagg. I find looped errors in a large server log.

I've removed all bukkitcontrib plugins and spout until I can find out what is going on. I know there is one plugin that keeps downloading spout, which I have stopped it. I did not accept to have it downloaded nor will I until I get this matter acknowledged and taken cared of.

I'll be damn if I get another group of people tell me "If you don't want the plugins updating, disabled them" but I wouldn't have to worry about it if they didn't download extra files. I like the idea plugins can update themselves, like LWC, but bukkitcontrib/spout issue has gone too far.

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