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Friday, July 1, 2011

Then there were two... 1.7.2 to be exact?

So Notch sent out another update to fix a few things on the last update. Goodbye long beds, you will be missed.
I'm going to update the server as soon as I have access and no one is on. Chances high, with my luck, not so much.

Though I'm quite happy with how fast the CB team is keeping up with the updates. Now if only there was a recommended build for everyone to follow so I know I have the proper plugins to work with without a 20mb server log to download due to unexplained errors before hand. So far, no capes, keeping memory hungry plugins offline for the bit until things settle down. At least no server crashes with the exception of one plugin going coo coo on the last update yesterday.
I will be uploading new screenshots of the Air Ship in SkyLands later today. Just need to get remote desktop to cooperate long enough to get the 20 or so images uploaded. I will be making a separate page just for the Air Ship project.

On that note, this ships needs a dang name, suggestions?

Update: Just updated the plugins list, will add/remove plugin changes when I can download and install a new version of MilkAdmin to get a list easily. Yes, I'm getting lazy. I'll put in the links to the plugins later, so far, just one plugin has a link right now.


  1. I vote "The Good Ship Inside Journalism"

    Kidding, "Good Ship Chris" will do just fine :P

  2. lol, if the name is picked, you might get to be captain. :P