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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Updates and advancements

Craftbukkit rolled out a new recommended version of it's server file. A LOT of changes and fixes. One of my favorites so far is the fix for teleporting from one world to another. No more miss-located teleporting to the sphere world and land outside one of the worlds!

Whole list can be found on the main page of Bukkit.org

So a lot of plugins are now being updated to the new version, I plan to wait another day or two before moving over. Knowing my luck, all but some of the plugins I like using won't work and cause issues. I hope worldguard and permissions will cooperate. I know for sure Citizens don't work just yet, they didn't in the last version of CraftBukkit.

In other news, I've used a good bit of the cobblestone I got from making the MobArena and used it to finish the second floor of my castle. Now I just need to go back and build the building underneath and start setting up storage and set up an auto sort system with the minecarts.

Thinking of the castle, I do have some fairly old pics of when I was working on the walls. I set up a really well defensed system and it's still taking me for ever to finish. I just need a LOT of dispensers. Here's a link to my craft bukkit post. Only one wall is complete with dispensers, which is a good thing since I plan to expand the castle in the near future. Let me know if you can not see it without an account on the forum. If you can't, I'll just make a copy of the post itself and place it here.

On an off-topic note, I have been looking at everyone's blogs, I like what everyone is talking about and their designs of their blogs. I'm not a good web designer, yet I like to keep things simple. Also, I hope everyone doesn't mind me not commenting on their topics every day, most times, I don't have much to even say.

Thanks for the support guys! Today I plan to colorize the rTriggers config file. Here's a link to the config file, if I make a change to the file, it will show immediately here. I may not get to the coloring until later today or tomorrow. Things around me at the dorms has been REALLY random...


  1. Need an account to view that other forum. I'm sure the castle will be great.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Zemzero.
    http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a211/Liger_XT5/MineCraft - Castle/