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Friday, June 24, 2011

So much to do, so little time to do it.

So I have a lot on my plate for the next week.
CraftBukkit team has sent out a new recommended version of the CB file, which means a lot of plugin updates, which in turn means my plans for tinkering with LandMarks for Dynmap and WorldGuard to replace the buggy Towny plugin may be delayed.
To keep things more interesting, I'm going on a road trip to see my G/F and to see her family. I'll be gone from Thursday to maybe Wednesday. I'll have my laptop, but updates here will be slow. There will be another admin that can access the server to do what is needed when I can not. I just hope the new CB build fixes the random crashes.
I have removed some not-so-badly needed plugins for the time to help cut back memory usage. Including Minecart Mania. I have also noticed a performance increase when I took towny out, which is a good thing, but the random crashing I can not figure out. Just yesterday the server crashed 3 times in 10 minutes. I asked everyone what they were doing, one said he was using the teleport to see the new Skylands, and all three times the server crashed when he went through. I opened up SSH to see the details showing as I told him to do it one more time. Server didn't crash. Figures...

Otherwise, if some of you have not noticed, I did a lot of posting yesterday. I've added a page of MineCraft Info Pictures that I have found of interested and shared them, along with a post of plugins and screenshots. The screenshots page will start to get long, I'm rethinking it's layout so no one has to waste their bandwidth if they have an internet usage cap. Maybe a separate page linking to each user that submitted images? Otherwise I'll have to update the link on the right toolbar to show a date of when there has been image updates, and do the same for each user as new images are submitted.

Lastly, some good news for all readers, I have added a video streaming page that everyone can watch when I'm online playing MC or another game. I am still working on the sound issues. Like I said before, I tried Xfire for streaming, but there was too much of an annoyance about constant advertisements and limited chat. You have to be signed into Xfire in the site in order to use the chat. Really?? Xfire, I have a question, doesn't it look bad when you have a bad ratio of thousands of accounts and only about a third are active on an average?

And for the finally, I talked to some of the active players ingame last night. They all agreed that guests can join and explore when I get a new protection system up and running, like WorldGuard. So be looking forward to it. I'll make a post when I have WorldGuard working and getting areas protected. Once everything is protected, I'll expose our IP to the public.

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