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Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Plugins, their info threads, and why?

As of right now, Towny and Minecart Mania is turned off. Towny is acting buggy and feels limited for the mayors. Minecart Mania is disabled due to lagg issues. Not MinecartMania's fault. We have been having server crashes since the host updated JAVA and MM and Towny uses a lot of memory, causing the server to max out.
Towny has been buggy in CB 860, will be replacing with WorldGuard.

BedHome - 0.1
  • Simply put, make a bed, sleep in a bed, teleport to last slept in bed with /home
BigBrother - 1.8-SNAPSHOT
  • If set properly, can record nearly every detail of changes made by any player or environment and allows rollback of unaccepted damages of griefers or large damages by unknown means.
BlastControl - 1.0.6
  • Allows control of next to all explosive actions. Controls Creeper and Ghast explosive damages and control of who can ignite tnt where or place tnt.
  • Currently set to stop creepers from making the landscape into swiss-cheese, only Mods and up can ignite tnt, but other can place and remove tnt to prepare.
BukkitContrib - 0.0.7
  • Required by a few plugins, once was StyxSpace, but only for CapeMe for now. Downloading and installing the Client and Server side is required to get desired results. If you don't care for Capes and Modified Names, don't worry. NOT required to access Space.
CapeMe - 0.3
  • Allows you to wear a cape like the few selected by the Minecraft Crew and the Crew Themselves. Customize your cape the way you want it, anyone with BukkitContrib client mod installed will see your fancy dancy cape! Just don't try to act like Super Man, please!
ChairCraft - 1.2.3
  • Cobble or Wood stair with signs on the ends allows a player with permissions to sit on it. Just don't wear iron pants with other armor...
Citizens - 1.0.8
  • NPC in action, still a work in progress. Normal/Basic, Trader, Blacksmiths, and Wizard NPCs are functional. Guards and so forth are still a work in progress.
CommandBook - 1.5.1-customized
  • Access to special commands for selected players and groups without needing OP access. We are still looking for a decent Intro midi sound for when a player joins. Must be notes that NoteBlocks can produce.
CommandSigns - 0.9
  • Type a command on a sign, run up and right click to use the command without having to type it all the time.
DropChest - 0.7.5
  • Simply put, sucks in items dropped nearby or from/to minecarts running by,
Dungeon - 0.5b
  • Played games like World of Warcraft? This isn't it, it's too simple compared to it. Three different levels of difficulty, teleport in, fight monsters after monsters as you find loot and find the portal out. Only way out is by dieing or finding the exit. (DO NOT ASK TO BE TelePorted OUT).
dynmap - 0.19
  • A webbased Google like map of the worlds on the server. See where your friends are, where you just randomly appeared or wondered to. Chat to and from without having to log in to the MC Client!
Growbie - 2.3
  • Use of bonemeal on more than just saplings, get more pumpkins! Or flowers for that special someone...
iChat - 2.3.1
  • Access to tags and colors for easier chatting.
iConomy - 5.0
  • Economy for the server. Someone has something you'd like to trade for, but don't have any items they are interested in? Give them some McDough! Also access to ChestStores and Turnstiles to special places.
iConomyChestShop - 2.74
  • Place a chest, put a sign above it, put your amount to buy and sell with quantity per transaction, name your item, now you got a store others can buy and sell from you without you being on!
Inception - 0.9alpha
  • Easy teleporting from one world to the other. Fall from Skylands, be teleported to Earth at the same coordinates, but high above. Hope you brought a chest, otherwise that river you see nearby might not be deep enough!
IOBookcase - 1.32
  • Write stories in your bookshelves!
Jail - 1.0.3
  • We don't just ban, we jail. Got a set time for your jail? Better stay online for the time to count down.
Lampstone - 0.6
  • Type /lampstone enable, place your Glowstone where you want, type /lampstone again to disable. Watch the placed Glowstone change to glass at day, and Glowstone at night. Just remember to disable if you don't want certain Glowstone to change back and forth...
LWC - 3.11
  • Place a chest, type /cprivate, hit the chest, now only you have access to the chest! Only ADMINS has access to protected chests, furnaces, doors, signs, and jukeboxes. CommandSign with LWC protection limits who can use the CommandSign to those who has permission to the protection.
mcbans - 2.9.1
  • New to the server? Better hope you don't have a bad reputation on other servers.
MidiBanks - 1.3
  • Play midi files through NoteBlocks.
  • Might be removed due to little use and limited Notes the blocks range in. Sorry Mario, your theme song doesn't play nicely here...
milkAdmin - 1.0-05.14
  • Web Access to the server details for Admins and Mods.
MinequeryPlus - 0.3.3
  • Allows access for MineCraft Status sites to see details of the server.
MobBounty - 4.01
  • Kill a monster, get rewarded. Does NOT count in Dungeons. Will allow a small percentage in Dungeons later.
MobileAdmin - 3.0
  • Allows users to have access to the server, dynmap, and chat on their Andriod and soon to be iOS devices. Do you use an Android device? Ask LigerXT5 to set you up access! Read the MobileAdmin page for details of what is possible.
MuddersMilk - 1.4
  • Now you can drink milk, but let's not stop there, you drink enough and you get drunk! Now we can socialize in MC even more!
MultiInv - 2.1.0
  • Separates the player's inventories from Space Colonies (Spheres) from the other worlds. Taking items to and from the Space Colonies is not allowed. Makes things more challenging up there. McDough transferring is allowed.
MultiVerse - 1.7.2
  • Allows access to running multiple worlds and teleporting to and from with special portals.
NaturalGiants - 1.3
  •  Let's use the long time added, never before seen, GIANTS! Be careful, they might ignite you on fire, and don't tick off JollyGG, he takes command of his brothers!
NeoMeteorites - 0.4
  • Lighting is the least of your worries when these things fly down!
  • Currently inactive due to lack of updates.
obuShutTheHellUp - 0.2
  • Helps cut down annoying messages in the server log.
OddItem - 0.6.5
  • Used with iConomyChestShop, allows the user to find out the exact item name used for the held item or search for the proper name or ID.
OpenInv - 1.3.1
  • Admin use only. Allows an admin to see the inventory of other players in a chest like interface. Used only in suspicion of theft or middle-man trading.
PerformanceTweaks - 0.08
  • Helps cut down lag of the server by keeping chunks in memory longer before saving them to the hard drive.
Permissions - 3.1.5
  • Use with next to all plugins to control who is allowed to do what. Simply Put.
PumpkinDiver - 0.16
  • Wear a pumpkin to swim underwater 10 times longer. Does not effect the bubbles on the client's UI, once the bubbles run out, chat notifications will tell you how long you have left.
PvPToggle - 0.2.5
  • Allows duels between players without the accidental hits while mining with your friends or fighting off hordes of monsters!
RemoteToolkitPlugin - 0.45b
  • Used in tie with MilkAdmin to control Backups, restarts, and automated restart and force restarts of detected server crashes.
rTriggers - 2.2
  • Advanced-User set-up, very customizable plugin to add new info for anything that is triggered in-game. used mainly for /command macros, custom menus, timed random tips, welcome messages, and mob phrases upon events.
SimpleReserve - 0.2.6
  • Allows certain people to have higher priority of logging into the server. Server staff has higher priority over Donators, Donators have higher priority over everyone else.
SkylandsPlugin - 1.3
  • Brings the world of islands in the skies to the server. A world feature Notch has worked on, but doesn't seem finished. Never night time, darkens only when stormy, but no snow or rain, but possibly lightning. Only natural mobs are chickens. Have a nice flight down!
SphereWorld - 0.4f
  • Named Space Colonies, SphereWorld is basically a normal world, with glass spheres placed randomly with random sizes. Anything not in a glass sphere is then removed, leaving hovering glass spheres all about.
StyxSpace - 0.4
  • Space, the next frontier. Absolutely nothing in this world. Bring up your mats, go out far, there's more than enough room to build. Oh, and don't forget your Pumpkin up there!
TelePlusPlus - 1.3.4
  • Allows teleporting to and from players with extras. Donators and Server Staff has access to disabling players from Teleporting to them.
TeslaCoil - 1.4
  • Build a three high iron block tower, point a powered redstone to it, preferably by  pressure plates, and anything within 6 block radius will be struck by lightning!
Tombstone - 1.2.9
  • Simply put, carry a chest with you at all times. You die, your items are kept safely in the chest and protected by LWC for a set time. Does not catch on fire.
Turnstile - 1.8
  • Built something great, but want to be paid for it's use or access? Use a turnstile!
VanishNoPickup - 1.7
  • Admin use only. Able to hide from players and mobs and disables the ability to pick up items. Used to monitor suspicious players.
xWarp - 2.9.4
  • Warp to set places that the player has access to. Warping between worlds is disabled due to weird reactions, but helps makes the game a bit more fun.

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