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What are you doing here?
We have a real site as of 3-3-2012!
Trust us, it looks and feels better there!
MCDen @ Mine-Craft-Den.com

Other than just another random creative and survival server, we aim to do things differently than other servers dare: Allow and Do more than those pesky instructions say.

Join us on our server either by the game itself, or in Dynmap. We are running MineCraft 1.4.7 with Craftbukkit/Spigot and Spout. Spout Craft is Optional, But Preferred.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Den, The Beginning

It's the summer, the MineCraft Den has slowed down, almost inactive, with the acceptation of a few high schoolers.
The server just updated to 1.6.6 and running stably and added in a new world only excess-able to those in the permissions group Mature; only 18+ year old players can access the Spheres world to claim their own sphere.
The server will have more work done on it and I might do some work the the side server. I enjoy the mini web server made by dynmap, but more can be done. Not everyone on the server has a Face Book account to access all the news and changes. So a simple to use website will be easy.


  1. Looking forward to it - keep us posted!

  2. Yes keep us posted so we can have fun!

  3. Let us know when it's ready!

  4. Once I get the game, you better expect me there lol.

  5. Cool another minecraft server blog, like mine :D

  6. Awesome, love me some Minecraft

  7. Sounding good, I remember working on a mod for Minecraft quite a few months ago, wonder how that's going now.

  8. Definitely keep me posted my fiancée would love this!!